Proofs to the subject touch above are on the next page. CLICK HEREI have arrived in your wonderful country especially that I may warn you about serious manipulation by people who represent an unknown Mafia, whom by different deceptions under pretence of innocence, wants to destroy freedom and democracy in your country as well as other nations!
This whole matter is so camouflaged that I'm sure you don't know anything about it and thus aren't orientated that current world events are a backdrop for events which are described in the Bible in Revelation (also known as The Apocalypse). Gone maybe is your short-sight of the facts about which I will now inform you.
The current ongoing terrorism from Islamic groups is merely a huge distraction from what is really going on behind your backs and which really desires to cause you irreversible harm. A covert Mafia is to be represented by a yet unknown leader, which will manifest itself under a cloak of a World sure-peace idea, leaning partly towards Christianity to guilefully attain enormous power. He (and his party) use expert deception and subterfuge, which is very difficult to properly perceive. I received such a mission to inform you about all of this, to bring these shocking facts to you and show their plan to bring a great disaster that will fall on you and the whole World!
In my homeland Poland exists the very powerful Mafia cult of 'Madonna.' This cult manipulates people and engages in perfidious manoeuvres with other Mafia's that result in aims to taking control of countries and their governments. The entire debacle works like this: the leaders of a dominant country wanting to be elected and to stay in favour with their voters subject themselves to Mafia so that this Mafia throws open the nation's borders and then begins anything it wants.
Basically this cult Mafia duplicated the ancient Indo-Chinese dragon portrait, which in medieval times was dominant in many East-European countries. This Mafia cult altered the disgusting dragon portrait to look like virgin Mary holding baby Jesus and thus now call it 'Black Madonna' in Poland. The result is the same ancient cult because it's actually the same image changed only on the surface to deceive people.
The dragon effigy as well as virgin Mary-Madonna (and those similar) possess some unexplained delusive power that charm many people who are unaware they are being manipulated. The Catholic Church in Poland uses this power using young Poles, especially young women who get involved in their Mafia system and create new very strong confessors' ranks who later speak for Mafia recruits, who vote on ballots who occupy government positions. The visibility of these Mafia activities in Poland is very evident but not for people manipulated in this Mafia-style system, which will permit to shape a genuine amiable government. There is a very similar situation in other European countries like for example Russia.
In the New Testament, John's Apocalypse (book of Revelation) informs us of a time when the dragon's image publicly perform marvels of this kind. I don't know if we can take this literally but these things are in various countries and particularly in Poland people witness such wonders they feel.
Dear reader, I lived in Australia for 25 years and I didn't notice before how at such an alarming pace this occult kind of worshiping Madonna developed! There also, the dragon image in the form of 'Black Madonna' has a tremendous trade. From hearing I learned that it's the same in the USA and similarly and now the dragon's attack has sharpened in western European countries, particularly in England.
I have arrived especially in your country to inform you about this most serious topic. I wish to state my hypothesis to oppose this covert dragon cult with aims to further expand its influence all over the word! I am very well aware that you may not take me seriously but I have to complete my objective and decide whether someone can mediate carefully with me, or not consider my important counsel.
The subject described in this letter is absolutely much greater, but governments of different countries choked with the fall of communism don't appreciate fully this matter that it is only a deception by the manipulative dragon, which deceives nations to achieve its success and recognize itself as the conqueror in the operation of lies and every evil. I have with me proof confirming my mission materials that is absolutely correct and only God and you can contribute to the success of my mission.

Yours sincerely
Jack Peterson