Is there live after death? It is not easy to answer this question, especially for religious fanatics. We can not give testimony that we know what happens after death. Why?

Simple because the powers of darkness are watching over the secrets of the world beyond. All those who are attempting to contact the dead will, sooner or later, be scorched by Satan and his demons (devilish Moses or his angel). Satan and his angels are creating lies and chaos thereby destroying human logical thinking.

There is one basic principle in this world, which is do not practice magic nor exorcism if you want to have peace and leave in harmony with God; the moment you start romance with Satan (devilish Moses), you are putting yourself in trouble.

If we had knowledge of the world after death and the Kingdom of God, the world would end almost immediately. The longer Satan (devilish Moses) continues to deceive the world, the longer he will reign and control those that give in to his deceit. John and James were the only two Apostles that knew everything.

Are we in a loosing position? Aren't we going to have contact with spirit world, which, after all, is manipulating us in most cases?

There were brave people of old, like the Polish Noble, Twardowski (and many others in present days), who have consulted the spirit of the dead. Consulting the spirit of the dead is much more important for those that are passing through the agony of lost loved ones.

Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself gave us the biggest proof of live after death, when He brought Lazarus back to life from the dead. Lazarus' body was already decomposing but his soul, which is a body that never dies, was still alive. At the word of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lazarus' body was regenerated and was therefore able to come back to material life or material world.

In one conversation with a Jewish Noble, Nicodemus (as is found in the book of John), Jesus said clearly and unambiguously that Nicodemus must be born again. This important aspect as mentioned by Jesus is being misunderstood by some Christian sects, who are telling their followers that water baptism and the Holy Ghost bring them the new birth (make them to be born again). I have seen a lot of these people, who were good and honest people before they joined such sect only to become egoists and religious fanatics.

There are many examples in the Bible; it is enough to use the concordance to dig deep. The examples given on video clips are very interesting. Bearing in mind that the content therein agrees with my presumptions.

Our Lord Jesus Christ put it to us in a very strong language, that there is life after death. He told Nicodemus that he (Nicodemus) must be born again in order to be able to see the coming of Our Saviour and His Kingdom of the children of God (all these are written in the book of John). One thing must be understood! Spirit being has to be clothed in material body (human body) to be able to participate in the great event, which is the meeting of God with the residents of the earth!