The world of human bodies is constantly heading for its annihilation! Our Spiritual Consciousnesses, deprived of enlightened bodies, which have been ennobled by our Creator, will have nowhere to go. They will return to incarnation in animal bodies as they have lived for billions of years before. This is what the son of perdition awaits, the antichrist, who manipulates people who have made so many lies that it is difficult to extricate them.
How can this terrible future be avoided, which will ultimately end in a cataclysm for the whole Earth as it happened on Mars and other planets in our galaxy?

Probably my alert will be accepted skeptically until the crisis and the misfortunes that come to the world deepen!
As I have mentioned many times, I am neither a prophet nor a religious specialist. I spread the various messages I have received and continue to receive. After analyzing that they are logical, I post them on my web site for those who should spread them further!

Currently, I am to convey some of the most important information that the world has stumbled upon terrible lies for which it is paying with tragedies and the current coronavirus pandemic!

1. The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church are to come out of lying and persuading mankind that there is a queen of heaven, a black madonna, and many other terms about Mari who gave birth to the Body of the Son of Man!
There is no pseudo-sacred person symbolizing Mary! The deceitful dogma of the pseudo Saint Mary gave rise to the degenerate son of perdition to lead humanity away from the essential truth! It is true that in Christ, the Creator Father himself appeared to the world with his Only Begotten Son in the Body of the Son of Man, and that the world had crucified them!

2. The Vatican is to reveal to the world that it has unfortunately created a Muslim religion that destroys and terrorizes a world that cannot shape itself into a new system of Eternal Life!
The present future depends on the Muslims whether they will convert to the True Creator, or whether they prefer to die shamefully, and because of them many innocent people!
There will be Roman Catholic and Muslim followers who will want evidence to support the Vatican's creation of the Muslim religion.
There may be no evidence as the Vatican and the leaders of the Muslim religion have thoroughly destroyed or secured any traces of lies in the emergence of the Muslim religion.
Here only the correct human logic is enough that without the military support of some madmen, no religion will ever arise, which through violence and tyranny would maintain its existence.
An example is the Afghan Taliban, who, armed by the Americans, defeated Russia and, as a result, became traitors to the American government. On their basis, many terrorist organizations were created, such as ISIS called the Islamic state.

3. Humanity is to stop arming and manipulating human genes through which living cells decode, which then turn into deadly viruses!

4. It is forbidden for anyone to create one enslaved world religion! It is only necessary to spread the Truth of Jesus Christ and leave it as an individual profession of faith. Although we are over six billion beings, each person accepts the religious message in his own way, because that's human nature!

These are just the three most important commands for now, which will, to a minimal extent, stop the misfortunes on Earth!
If mankind does not obey them, terrible tragedies will come into the world, including a spreading far worse virus that cannot be contained. After it will come massive destruction and life on Earth will disappear!
Look logically at the coronavirus pandemic case that it is only modified against human bodies!
My messages are not a joke! The point is to save humanity from extinction!
I remind you! I am the messenger of messages, and the giver of them is Heaven! Therefore, it is your responsibility to spread them, and the reward will be Eternal Salvation!
Wouldn't it be better if the riots and strikes were replaced with my messages of peace? I am asking for reflection until it is too late! Think that it seems impossible for our Creator today to be successful, because people most willingly accept lies!
Go to and study my pages, and you will understand what a mess and lies create false religions for the world!
Jack Peterson