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In this message you will learn how the Earth planet has become a hospital for the healing of Souls and even their resurrection! From the reincarnation of creatures, which are an unimaginable number of animal organisms, living on Earth, Souls or Spiritual Consciousnesses are obtained for the Kingdom of our Father Creator! This happens in the last phase of the animal human organism in which the healed Spiritual Consciousness or Soul declares itself to exist in an Astral Body similar to the Son of Man Christ.
I wonder that if I tried to tell my readers that their personality consists of a double Spiritual Consciousness. Would I help them solve life's problems? Would it bring beneficial self-understanding? Or would I rather cause them harm by bringing depression or something even worse? Many people have problems with themselves without understanding why they have become the black sheep of their friends. Others have fallen so low that they have even contributed to someone's death. For some time now I have noticed that thoughts have been coming to me that at first I shunned, believing them to be ridiculous. I don't know if this is just the case for me or if others have this problem. I sense that sometimes there is something wrong in my Consciousness. During the day, I may be attacked by some degenerate Spiritual Consciousness, or Soul, through careless behavior. This happens rarely. Stupid thoughts come to me and provoke me to foolishly judge anyone by their appearance or some suspicious behavior.
I have been pushing away the confusing thoughts and wondering where they are coming from, or who is creating them. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps there is an ailing Soul incarnate in my body that sometimes messes with my thoughts. Of course this is hypothetical thinking, but since the Creator and the Only Begotten Son as Spiritual Beings were in the same body of the Son of Man, and this was most normal. A similar situation could occur in any human being to direct the destiny of an ailing Soul. Such a directing Being was the Father Creator being with the Son in One Body. Of course, the Only-Begotten Son was and is a fully healthy and noble Person without any blemish like Our Creator Father. At night some degenerate Spiritual Consciousness creates incredible fantasy dreams for me that often end dramatically. This has been happening night after night lately. After such nocturnal masquerades I wake up very confused. What is worse, the dream continues to float around in my head for some time. It is only through a mantra I have created, which I say over and over again, that it is all satanic lies that the nightmare gradually moves away from my brain. Occasionally other thoughts land on my mind as an answer to my prayers giving me some concrete explanation. Why is this happening?
I feel that my personality has become a doctor for some sick Soul, which was first born in my body and only then did I incarnate myself. To put it rudely, the sick Soul has forcibly unleashed itself, and probably, by means of the spirit being of the degenerate son of perdition, has been acting as a tormentor of my life in order to test me.
Perhaps the direction of my life is designed by the evil degenerate son of perdition to destroy the chance of my Eternal Salvation.

Luke chapter 21 verse 31, 32.
Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded that he should sift you as wheat; but I asked after you, that your faith should not cease.

It follows that many Souls who are healed to some positive degree become doctors for other Souls in the future. Incarnated as a second one, they constantly strive to heal the first one, which tries to master the whole body.
I will frankly admit that this is somewhat logical. For what heavenly Angel would sacrifice himself to fight with the raging Spiritual Consciousness to bring it to a positive state?
We are all different and the state of illness of the Spiritual Consciousnesses is in varying degrees so the ideology of healing each other is brilliant.
It is safe to say that such an ingenious system created by the Heavens would really make sense.
Adding to my argument, it seems that my Noble Spiritual Consciousness has become a doctor for some ailing Soul. Throughout my life, my Spiritual Consciousness has been fighting against the lies that this ailing one may be creating. She does not allow the truth to embody itself so that it can one day become noble and be born in some body to heal another.
I seek answers to various mysterious questions in order to get as close to my Creator as possible. In this way I learn the truth and free myself from lies.
Struggling with a dual personality probably occurs in most people. They cannot understand and break through the enormous barrier to believe that the Jews and the degenerate Romans crucified their Creator along with His only begotten Son, who as Spiritual Beings were incarnate in the Body of the Son of Man.
In searching for evidence to support my findings, I immediately turned my attention to the beginning of man's life as a young child. I came to the conclusion that the Spiritual Consciousness of some animal that had died was incarnated in the body of the child. The behavior of a small human being resembles a small animal that needs help from its parents. The same happens with animals.
I immediately thought of other cases of human babies who ended their existence in a previous life through some tragic event. These kids usually remember their previous lives. They remember exactly their previous parents and the names of their entire family from the place where they lived.
How meaningful is the ending of life by elderly people affected by the incurable strange disease alzheimer's. The elderly person becomes childish. It is my understanding that at some point the Noble Spiritual Consciousness has left the body of the old person, leaving a lonely yet unhealed Spiritual Consciousness who, while healing, has not attained a higher degree of intelligence! Probably in being born again, she will easily return to behaving like a child who, having partial memory from her previous life, will strive to refine herself with the help of the new noble Spiritual Consciousness that will heal her.
I wonder how one can reach the Noble Spiritual Consciousnesses who heal the sick living in the same body of man to introduce them to the Truth that the world has crucified its Creator and His Only Begotten Son, who as Spiritual Beings were incarnated in the body of the Son of Man.
Many people who have problems with their personality would understand how to achieve patience in order not to give in to some nervous hysteria destroying their noble personality.
Especially when incidents of marital misunderstandings, jealousy or many other problems that plague humanity arise.
If an unfortunate person would believe that a sick, degenerate Spiritual Consciousness, which lives together in one body, has a bad influence on him. He could use the intelligence of his noble Spiritual Consciousness to control the body to quell the rage of the degenerate Soul that wants to control the body at all costs to harm someone.
The Father and the Son is the absolute model of Merciful Unity. The Only-begotten Son, in prayer to the Father, asked forgiveness of the torturers for not knowing what they were doing. But the Creator Father, King of the universe, did not call upon his cosmic army to destroy the torturers who crucified him. He and His Son humbled themselves by voluntarily allowing themselves to be crucified!
As my imagination searches for evidence to support a dual personality in one body it has brought certain facts to my imagination. On television there are videos of people who have died and have miraculously come back to life. These people, during their clinical death, have had an experience of seeing people from some outer space who told them that they must come back to life to fulfill their destiny. Let us not go into whether these people were delusional or whether it was true, but undoubtedly there is undeniable evidence that some people recovered completely after serious accidents or illnesses. In their subsequent lives they did a lot of cool things but in my imagination they had to complete the most important one, returning to the body to complete the refinement of the Spiritual Consciousness they had been caring for all their lives.
A very good comparison of dual personality is for people who use a computer with two systems. Such an example we have when we load two systems into one computer like Windows and Linux. In your imagination you will hypothetically assume that the computer is a human body in which there are two spiritual consciousnesses Windows and Linux. Although they are different but they don't bite giving fun to solve different problems. Not always so good happens in the human body, where two Spiritual Consciousnesses have a conflict.
The intellectually weaker one fights to control the body and not infrequently manages to control even the noble one. An example is the degenerate leaders of various countries, who, as tyrants, sadistically abuse people, especially their opponents.
From the above examples we can see the diversity of the characters of the Spiritual Consciousnesses, where some cause great problems and others work on themselves using the intelligence of other Spiritual Consciousnesses.
Undoubtedly, the Noble Spiritual Consciousness has a positive effect on the ill Spiritual Consciousness that is hypothetically in the state of death. Let us produce in our imagination a certain fact that, for example, a fly, which undoubtedly has a soul and reacts logically to various stimuli. Like, for example, taking care of safety so that someone does not kill or devour it. But there is very little intelligence to evaluate its life and grasp the fact why it is standing still?
The Noble Spiritual Consciousness works at all costs to resurrect this sick person. What does this literally mean?
An ill Spiritual Consciousness that has reincarnated from an animal is in a complete state of unconsciousness. It does not know who it is, it knows literally nothing about itself. It doesn't know where it came from or Who the Creator is who created its Soul.
This Noble Spiritual Consciousness is also ignorant of many things. But it also ennobles itself throughout its life, ennobling its other protégée.
The born again sick Spiritual Consciousness has a chance to become noble in order to heal others. Through experience it will reach its apogee so that it can incarnate in the Celestial Body that the Creator created to live forever.
I once watched the news on television in which it was reported that a father kidnapped his child because he could not contact him through marital separation. As a result, he killed his son and then killed himself. It was a typical example that one degenerate Spiritual Consciousness which had not gotten rid of its animal habits took control over the body and committed a perfidious crime. If the father of that slain child had been exposed to my message, he probably would have tried to stop this degenerate Soul which, living together with him, was pushing him to commit a terrible crime. He would also understand that this whole tragedy is being played out by a degenerate, sick soul that has taken possession of his wife's body.
In many animals there are traits and habits of resolving mutual conflicts is death. The male cobra snake, if he senses that the female has betrayed him with another snake, kills her mercilessly. Such events happen in humans and not infrequently.
Mankind experiences a lot when some species of animals die irretrievably, not realizing their terrible misery of devouring each other. It is difficult to express my opinion whether the animal world must disappear irrevocably. Of course, the life of animals and other organisms will continue, but someday the bestial life in animal bodies that devour each other must end.
Let me add that human bodies are no different from animals. Just take a look at yourself and you may see the beast in it that needs to be tamed.
Let's mention the simple slogan that we have lost control of ourselves without realizing that this sick Spiritual Consciousness that we are refining has taken control of our body.
In the Bible we are told that the number of the man who is often referred to as the beast is 666. It is hard to form an idea in your mind as to what the author of this message meant. Did he mean that man can reach a degree of intelligence of up to 66.6%? Whether in the beast that was Hitler and or the current anti-Christ Putin, evil has reached 66.6 %.
Spiritual Consciousnesses without a body are not able to create any serious danger on Earth. Some Souls who are in human bodies sometimes become uncontrollable beasts. This is especially true of degenerate leaders of various countries who are supported by other degenerates and who join their party to support the degenerate for material gains.
You will probably think where such topics of description come from. Well, for a very long time I could not understand the character of my friends, especially my wife. They generally have wonderful personalities, they seem like angels. However, when that nasty, sick, incurable Spiritual Consciousness gets inside them, the lucky ones are those who don't fall into its clutches!
Usually the biggest problem is with beautiful human bodies who have high IQs. Often people glorify them to the rank of leaders. They support them because of their exceptionally good looks without realizing what's inside!
Beautiful women are a great mystery and great disappointments when you plan a family relationship with them!
This does not mean that it is so bad with all beauties in human bodies. For them too there is a chance to declare their Soul to our Creator's team to heal the universe.
I have heard in various religions that after the death of the body, the Soul returns to Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, and some other Spiritual energy remains on Earth. I immediately associate this fact of an unhealed Soul remaining on Earth.  Being born again in a new body will complete its refinement, reaching a higher level of intelligent perfection by becoming a teacher for another ailing Soul.
There are mysterious beings in the world turned into Zombies by demonic shamans. This is a typical example where noble Spiritual Consciousnesses have left the body, leaving the one that needs refining in re-birth. On television they showed Zombies that were alive although they did not realize who they were and moved as if in a dream.
Many times I have wondered if stress and depression exist in eternal life in the Kingdom of our Creator? I have wondered how the Beings there help themselves if their Spiritual Consciousness begins to have problems?
Since our imagination has no limits, I thought to myself that there are some devices in the Creator that refine the problems of Spiritual Consciousnesses. However, this line of understanding had flaws because the entire World of our Creator's Kingdom is alive and immortal. There is probably nothing there that decays to be degraded later. Virtual eternal life is not based on computers into which mad scientists want to upload human Spiritual Consciousnesses to live forever.
So, in the Kingdom of our Creator there is probably a wonderful idea of incarnating in ill Spiritual Consciousnesses so-called Spiritual Doctors. They probably instantly heal Beings who need help.
The same happens on Earth where at our request comes enlightenment in the form of the Holy Spirit who cleanses us from all spiritual filth. Of course my associations are hypothetical, but there is a wonderful ingenuity and perhaps a bit of truth in them. Mention the verses above.

The Gospel of Mark chapter 3 verse 22.
For there is nothing hidden that shall not come to light.
Mark chapter 3 verse 25.
For whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, they shall deprive him also of that which he hath.
Matthew chapter 12 verse 12.
For whosoever hath, to him shall be added, and he shall have superfluity: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away also that which he hath.

Consider that so far no one has published the tragic story that the world crucified its Creator. I think some confidence in me might deepen someone's imagination to start somewhere to get closer to the truth.
I am sure that in connection with my prayers the above arrivals make sense!
The Spirit Being that incarnates in my body helps me find the right verses in the Bible to understand the message I am receiving at that moment. It was these verses that made me understand that everything in our body unites to form a unity.
First John chapter 5 verse 8, Millennial Bible.
Spirit, water, and blood, and these three come together into one.
The confirmation of the above verses is by the only begotten Son of our Creator in the Bible verse.

The Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 30.
I and the Father are one.