Let us help finish the Lord's work
dear Brother and Sister.
In my heart deeply wounded
tears flow, pain calling aloud.

God's Son showed us Father
and light came into the World.
Before was difficult to understand, but I am explaining this today,
So the rest can recognise how to receive Gospel.

Difficulty to comprehend how he became,
that beloved Jesus our Lord,
so our eye can see you.
But TRUTH let today become known.

Because this is the only TRUTH in the World,
that with your sacred flesh,
Dressed your beloved son David.  (Gospel of John 14:20)

You gave him Salvation in yourself
and by him you cherished us.
And you clad us by David's family line,
to rejoice with your name.  (Gospel of John 14:10)

Our great dream is to be with you
to belong to you Father,
to live immortal life,
to adore you forever.
Let's quit false religions and idols from the Earth.
Let's stop power of dragon and of the beast.
Let's open eyes of sinners and they will see what they do,
and their soul will be saved.

Lord only is beloved and immortal,
Let's glorify Him and call, let's be alive forever!
Nobody, only He is for us merciful.
He the highest, seek after Him.

This, who does not have a beginning nor end.
Worship God in his name of Lord Jesus
Because this is the TRUTH,
that how from the beginning until now this is the same Person.
(1 letter of John 2:13,14,15)

Father you yourself will adorn many
You always will be the Lord on royal wedding
We will love your hands and your flesh,
with torment on cross you paid,
Not clay, blood or water full of pains,
but my soul will love you.

Father, I am informing the world,
that you only are our God (Gospel of Luke 10:21,22)
Because your superhuman Glory gave me to understand,
that you yourself are redeemer and our eternal Saviour.
That your name not vainly sign of faith instilled in me.
And I am keeping strongly to this, wishing your Salvation.
Father, whether is their manner, they don't want to listen of my voice,
that you One only, but in your Truth represented in Trinity.
Your gave your Glory on torments
and your aching flesh, Salvation and Wisdom gave to world.
Father, our God, you through you Son, sent yourself,
So those looking on him could recognise you.  (Gospel of John 14:7,9,10)
I cannot understand, that life is full of torments,
to know how to find you,
Father, houses in you are many,
as invited on Gods wedding.
To dress with your wedding garment,
you help us to fight with dark power.
Through your Son - your helper and servant,
truth conquered evil in the world.
Inconceivable to understand you,
when you will protect your children.
This hope of eternal freedom you gave us
in horrible torments on cross.
Your mouth full of pains,
took round the news of your victory,
that who will believe, that you oneself Saviour and our Lord,
will accept your real name,
and Wisdoms will open door.
When you understand all in baptism dip one's own body,
to hope of eternal salvation.
God said to his own body - to my Lord, 
I will give to David's Spirit to sit down on my right hand.
(Gospel of Matthew 22:43-46)

And will look with worship on him, adoring only God.
You Father oneself adorn many
but always you will be Lord on our wedding.
Dressed in you, we will love your hands and your flesh,
which in torments on the cross Salvation gave us.
Not clay, blood or water full of pains,
but my soul from your wonderful flesh will love you.

Father, who Kingdom is in heaven,  (Gospel of Luke 11:2)
thanks, that you gave me to recognise you. (Jeremiah 29:12-14)
That you only are our God and Saviour, (Isaiah 43:10-12)
that nobody, only you are Redeemer.
You dearest and most beloved, full of loves
you hung on cross for our sins, blasphemes and angers. (Zechariah 12:10)

Your Son, who became fond,
showed us you, because you gave him oneself. (Gospel of Lukas 20:42)
He wanted to reveal and show, that this is You,
but by lack of our humility we crucified you.
Forgive me dear Father, because I was in poor understanding. (Zephhaniah 3:13)

Your TRUTH and way are straight.
I am informing to the World today,
that you Father the Lord Jesus are God. (Isaiah 43:10)
That your beloved Son servant in wonderful manner
showed us through your Wisdom you in Trinity. (Gospel of John 12:45)
How beautifully you brought up him through the time,
and we open for you our hearts. (Ezekiel 37:24)
To comprehend this inconceivable TRUTH, (Ezekiel 34:23-25)
that you made us home in oneself, when you will come for us.
Home happy and eternal, (Gospel of John 14:2-3)
but you will be our God and Lord,
because your management is necessary.
Your Holy Spirit full of love, will direct us (Gospel of Lukas 10:21,22)
because we are your children and nobody will hurt us.

Thank you, that by your Son you revealed your name to us,
that in it you are both named! (Gospel of John 5:43)
The power of your name protects me, (Philippians 2:10)
and visage of the World changes.
As long as your plan of salvation lasts,
in patiences I will wait,
giving only to you bow of worship.
You are One always the same, but they did not recognise you,
because they in their learnings and meditations stay. (Gospel of John 12:44,45)
In prayers we need to ask only you,
to get answer in your Wisdom from heaven.

Father forgive for sinful life, full despairs
and give me hope to wait your Salvation.
Lots of neighbours direct ridicule at me,
that my soul in your good gifts delights.
How can I be grateful for your consolations,
nothing I have except my existence.
Father thank you, that you accepted us agreeably,
but you were on the Earth a very short time.
Before, you left to heaven,
we are hoping not long to wait for you.
All did not recognize you,
that you are always God on the Earth and in heaven.
We have you Father visible,
but most seek somebody other.
They do not understand, that Your Ghost,
Your own Saint Spirit exists everywhere.

That magnitude of your flesh
become home for your children.
They have difficulty to comprehend words from the Bible,
because speech there is not clear,
but from these, who you send TRUTH sails out.
God you said in yours own words,
that these, whom your son sends, from you come.
But with difficulty (how yesterday so today) to deliver the TRUTH,
that you are the same always and also when will come your Advent.
Father, it is necessary to serve only to you,
so your charity comes to us from heaven.
Beloved son David with love gave one's own heart,
so for many opened door of heaven.
Father you are only way and Truth.
In you is power of salvation and our existence.
This whom you trust will sit at your right hand,
and together with you arrange Salvations plan.
Nobody entered heaven, which in your learnings despaired. (Gospel of John 3:13)
Only this who in one's own Psalms tried to glory you, came to you.
( Psalm 89:21-30)

I would want to reveal your good name that sounds: Jesus,
that you Lord and your belowed Son, are in the name.
Your beloved Son settles in you
and your Glory in victory dressed him.
For us will suffice to believe in word of salvation,
in Passover, when bread means your body.
Because all in Truth changes,
when someone knows sound of your name.
In prayer, to receive real answer from heaven
it is necessary to keep the name with love in heart.
And this only in Trinity do we find you God,
who delights with great love in your good name.

Do not stay with pious ones who to bad people listen,
because does not ask you Highest and does not incline ear.
Because everyone will be as a tree in good soil,
when heart with God's love will be filled.
Therefore trying to imitate being godly on the last judgement will not suffice,
because they are afraid of the logicaly TRUTH, that yourself God is our Saviour.
Lord knows way of his righteous,
that loathe with false learning from neighbour.
Impious cannot find Truth, having Gods many,
how difficulty will be to them to recognize You on God's wedding.
Because for fearful and timid (cowardly) fire is, and they don't know it
that wrong comprehended the Bible and Letters of Peter and in darknesses stay.
They forgot of salutary words of Son in Bible,
that it is necessary to seek Kingdom and to keep faithfulness to God.
That all blasphemes to human will be forgiven,
but never against Holy SPIRIT.
Nor one letter nor iota in Fathers word will pass
in last days of the world you will understand it.

Human why in your own ignorance
you close Salvation of your neighbour and yourself?
Humiliate oneself, take the Bible,
and will fill your heart. (2 Corinthians 4:3 to 6)
When in darkness of your religion,
you worship gods and idols on a picture.
You close door of Wisdom
and you do not want to know the real God. (Exodus 20:4-6)
You greedily touch pictures in your thoughts,  (Exodus 20:3-6)
your eyes fondle and adore them.
You do not mind, that you soil yourself
by strange and false Gods. (Isaiah 46:5-8)
Lord, who created heaven,
created light from his own Wisdom.
You must bow to him only,
so you will fill with light. (Revelation 22:8-10)
God is over all "gods",
not having a beginning nor end.
And you wound Him by your sins,
by kneeling in front of picture (Isaiah 40:18-22)
He created for you Salvation in torments
on cross of terrible pains.
You formed picture of Madonna,
to destroy your own Soul! (Revelation 13:13,14)
He the creator of us,
came from afar to his own creatures.
Let us enlighte wisdom of Gospel,
and we will love only our God. (Gospel of John 14:7-11)

From nation of which you called me,
you gave to understand the severe position.
I oneself touched taste of the idol, (Revelation 13:11)
of false queen, (Jeremiah 10:2) to who I prayed in the morning.
How not knowing, I broke commandment,
in my thoughts I fondled picture of beast.
(Jeremiah 44:18-23; Revelation 13:14; Revelation 2:20-22)

I am sending to the nation this very important news,
but they do not want to listen my voice,
to leave false faith. (Jeremiah 44:18-27)
Disobedient nation,
God brings peace and wisdom.
To those, who bow to idols, Satan all ruins. (Zachariah 10:2)
That is haw he repays tribute with pain and ruin.

Take off pictures from walls,
and God's love will disarm yours enemies.
Take these wooden and rag "gods",
to these, what it created (Habakkuk 2:18,19)
Do not stay in your stupid ignorance.
Tear from neck cross and medals.
Do not seek God in jobs of human hands,
No longer stay in paganism (Jeremiah 37:19)
God assumed shape, as created yourself,
saving our sinful eye.
People painted on wood other idols,
to spread darkness heart. (Zechariah 12:10)
God came to teach you,
greet him holding head high.
You should pray short:
"our Father, in heavenů",
not mendacious, long pagan speech. (Gospel of Matthew 6:5-13)
Try to understand unreasonable human,
that God for you assumed shape of child in virgin Mary.
She became only a "tool" for Lord,

and royality or title was never her position.
You disgrace good name given from Lord,
exposing to destroy her. (Hosea 2:1-4)
You must love and worship God only
and your neighbour lead to Him.
It is necessary to know by everyone,
that name Lord Jesus is eternal.
Having beloved name,
let be known and blessed. (Gospel of John 17:26)

If you understand what I wrote
and want to serve our God the Lord Jesus,
rewrite this verses several times
and quickly distribute to your neighbour. (Isaiah 52:6)
For every question take the Bible,
God's Son will help you heartily.
He will uncover things inconceivable
and TRUTH will multiply. (Gospel of Matthew 13:23)

The beast in final days of the world,
will assume shape of angel,
and try hard to destroy God's Sons.
Lucky is one who will understand this. (Revelation 13:11)
Brothers and Sisters be free for God,
Guard from beast, who bites and loses.
Easily your soul maybe caught
in false protestant communities and churches. (Gospel of Luke 8:21)

For sophisticated person word of simpleton become stupidity.
Not proud, but humble people, God gives understanding.
Sametimes too great justice is poisonous.
To polite person, wisdom is easy.

On the surface smart one looks splendid, is example for others,
but in his heart is like a wild beast not loving others.
Tells beautiful words, correctly sentences arranges,
but in heart bad sentencing and brotherly treason.

Simpleton person in trap of one's own words all the time falls,
but nice is for him advice of God.
Too smart person with own sophistication boasts around.
Simpleton would like to call his opinion on something,
but cannot because of own simplicity.

Too high a barrier divides simple person from intelligent,
but not in God's plans, because to humble ones God's TRUTH fills heart.
Everyone sophisticated boasts, that knows real way of life,
but does not know, that in God's Truth can find honestly.

What feeling can somebody have in God's order,
speaking what is free, it is like a prisoner,
who is not in prison, but is set free.

In heart of pious person is fear,
And he thinks that with his religion too great anxiety will cause him,
To change his religion, or do anything different.
It is necessary to take example how preceeding Israeli king David,
when took bread from angry and jealous Jahwe
and fed hungry people.

Go, tell to people children of God
Let's destroy satanic Jahwe by awe,
Before comes time of salvation
and liberation for the children of God.
Do not worry, because victim of Satan
once will ravage this scoundrel.
When he feels pain, he will know how it feels
To be somebody beaten.

God the Lord Jesus will touch your body,
to became beautiful and healthy young.
It is not necessary to heal soul,
because all the time young is from heaven.

Farewell Australia, you caused me great sadness,
But you fed me all the time.
Now the Earth comes to me with help,
because God's Truth is far and wide expanding.

My hairs from attacks of Satan turned to grey,
to recognize the TRUTH of God and show to nations.