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The topic that I am writing about is the most important in all my activities. I am showing through the biblical logical codes an understanding of God's Creator God's Mission with His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ! Therefore, please check from time to time, as the text will be constantly updated and corrected.
I was instructed to reliably draw attention to biblical codes that would logically show the true story of God and His Son to those who have the intelligence of present civilization on their way to accept the credible logical truth. Anyone can get or buy a Bible to concentrate on finding information codes in the New Testament especially in the Gospel of John. He will find coded reliable information there! If they are not understood, it is enough to pray to Jesus Christ in prayer and wait patiently until the answer comes. That's what I do and I partly put these answers on this website.

The story of Jesus Christ seems very modest. It becomes specifically small and it would seem insignificant when we look at the vastness of the history of the universe of its past and future. The vastness of the universe overwhelms many without giving even a bit of faith in the biblical message of Jesus without realizing that the future of each of us is based on faith and knowledge of who our Creator and His Beloved One Beginning Son is. An example is the encoded information in the verse in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10, verse 22.
Everything has been given to me by my Father and no one knows
who is the Son, as soon as the Father;
no one knows who the Father is but the Son and the one who
to whom the Son wants to reveal it.
When I first encountered this verse, I thought that the creator of this verse did not realize that it would be difficult for many people to believe how it could exist. I myself had doubts that if someone would show me the image of God the Father and the Son, I would have difficulty in accepting this information reliably. Given that other verses were more confusing my mind:
Matthew's Gospel, chapter 6, verse 24
No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate one,
He loved the other, or he would be attached to one and the other would scorn.
You can not serve God and mammon.

John's Gospel Chapter 1 verse 18
No one has ever seen God: he's only son,
who is in the bosom of the father, he told us.
I really wanted to explain to me how it really is with this verse in which the Son of God will show us God the Father and Himself.
What a surprise for me when Jesus, through the biblical codes, easily explained to me in the following verses that God the Father and the Son are one united person! The next morning Jesus, through biblical codes, showed me a simple and credible truth. God the Father and the Son of God are united in themselves, creating the One Divine Person with the Two Consciousness. Otherwise in the earthly formulation of the Two Souls!

John's Gospel chapter 14 verse 9
Jesus answered him, "Philip, have I been with you for so long, and you have not met me yet? Whoever saw me saw also the Father. Why then do you say: Show us the Father?

John's Gospel chapter 14 verse 10
Do not you believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me? I do not speak the words that I tell you. The Father who abides in me, he himself does these works.

John's Gospel chapter 14 verse 11.
Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father in me. If not, believe it at least because of the works themselves.

John's Gospel Chapter 14 verse 20
On that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me and I in you.

John's Gospel Chapter 8 verse 19
Then they said to him, Where is your father? Jesus answered, You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would also know my Father.

John's Gospel chapter 8 verse 28.
Jesus therefore said to them: When you exalt the Son of man, then you will know that I am and that I do nothing of myself, but that I say what the Father taught me.

John's Gospel chapter 10 verse 30
I am one and the same Father.

John's Gospel, Chapter 5, verse 19.
In answer to this, Jesus said to them: Verily, verily, I say to you, a son could do nothing of himself, if he had not seen the Father doing. For the same as he does, the Son also does.

John's Gospel chapter 6 verse 46.
This does not mean that anyone would see the Father; only he who is from God saw the Father.
In a word, God the Father and the only-begotten Son of God are two joined Consciousness (Two Souls) residing in the One Body.
What is very interesting, God the Father and the Son of God were on Earth in the human body. This biblical mystery mysteriously confused me without realizing that this was the Plan, and that was the Oracle of Heaven! The victory over the devil could only be accomplished by the Person or the Spiritual Persons embodied in the human body as it did in the case of God and the Son! People and human sons live on Earth in which they are embodied Consciousness from different planets embodied in man. In a word, the sons of life live according to two Consciousness, human and in which they have become human. According to the biblical verse, the sons of humanity are subjected to Satanic tests, where they most often cohabitate with the consciousness of evil people. (in other portals you will find more explanations on this topic).
1 John's letter, chapter 5, verse 8.
 Spirit, water and blood, and these three combine together.
1 Corinthians, chapter 15, verse 50.
I assure you, brethren, that flesh and blood can not possess the kingdom of God, and that what is destructible can not have a heritage in what is indestructible.

The Bible clearly defines the Body of Jesus Christ as the Son of Man. Few biblical verses clearly emphasize the fact that God has come to Earth in the human body! Perhaps the human body was destined for the earthly mission. Being in Heaven, she was deprived of blood and water, which she replaced with the energy of God, the Spirit of eternal life. When they were transferred to Maria's body, it again filled up with body fluids. After crucifixion and death, the human body, when he was resurrected, was filled again with the Energy of life to be able to return to Heaven. This event gave us an explanation of what eternal life is all about.

If someone claims that Jesus did not come in the human body, we have a warning in the Bible to clearly warn us that Jesus Christ came from Heaven in the human Body.
1 John's letter, Chapter 4, verses 1, 2, 3.
1. Beloved, do not trust any spirit, but test the spirits whether they are of God, for many false prophets have appeared in the world.
2. After that you get to know the Spirit of God: every spirit that recognizes that Jesus Christ came in the flesh is from God.
3. And any spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not of God; and this is the spirit of Antichrist, who - as you have heard - is coming and is already in the world.

2. Second Letter of John Chapter 5, verse 7.
3. 7. For many deceivers have appeared in the world who do not recognize that Jesus Christ came in the human body. He is such a deceiver and Antichrist.

What's more, another shocking verse informs us that:

John's Gospel chapter 3 verse 13. And no man ascended up to heaven, save him who came down from heaven, the Son of man.

It is clearly visible that the human body in heaven was transferred to Earth and impersonated Maria, who later gave birth to him. The transferred human body after filling with human fluids became like a human son again. The question is who was the owner of the earthly body that was previously called to Heaven? It was only one that came down from heaven, becoming a tool for the Mission of God the Father and the Son of God.
Probably many arguments indicate that the Body of Jesus was transferred from Heaven so that he would not be associated with the son of Josef or Maria!
The greatest opponent of our Creator, whom we call the Devil or Satan on Earth, hated the human race and tried to destroy it. He sensed that one of the Sons of God incarnated in the human body coming from Heaven would expose his satanic crimes and nasty character. For hundreds of thousands of years, the devil has driven all civilizations into madness through various religions and then destroyed them. The system continues to this day, where, with even small religious differences, it gives the cops and degenerate leaders an argument for war.
Returning to the subject of the Body in which the Only-Begotten Son of the Firstborn was played, one could compare him to Adam's first man. The first man, the human-like organism, was ennobled by intelligence by our Creator and His Firstborn Son. After his mission to spread the human race. The first man, the ancestor of man, could be taken to Heaven and waited for his mission to contribute to the proving of evil crimes. Exposing the evil intentions of the devil, he made a plan to judge him, where by crucifixion of the Creator and His Firstborn Son he showed his murderous meanness.
On the subject of the Body of God, one could proverbially continually pray. I leave this topic to the person reading my monologue, let him decide what the truth may be.
Why has our Creator planned this all? Undoubtedly, it follows from the above information that Jesus was born in the human body. Later, during the time of Jesus' baptism, God the Creator Father joined him in the form of the Spiritual Dove.
John's Gospel chapter 1 verses 32, 33, 34.
32. John gave such testimony: I saw the Spirit who looked like a dove descended from Heaven and rested upon Him
33. I did not know Him before, but He who sent me to baptize with water said to me, He who will see the Spirit descending and resting on Him is the one who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.
34. I have seen and testified that He is the Son of God.

In the Bible, we find a moment where there is a clear example of the presence of the Father and the Son, when they have briefly disappeared together. God, the Father left him at the last moment of death of the human body, as the verses say:

Matthew's Gospel chapter 27 verse 46
About nine o'clock Jesus cried with a loud voice:
Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?
I mean, my God, my God, why did you leave me?

Mark's Gospel chapter 15 verse 34
At nine o'clock Jesus cried with a loud voice:
Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani, that is to say:
My God, my God, why have you left me?

If we do not know the heavenly truth, what sense would it be to implement anyone to the eternally living Kingdom of God when he did not want to know the truth, to know who his Creator is, which he might even not accept?
This seemingly small obscure message of Jesus will, however, play in all intelligent believers a huge role for the future of any Spiritual Consciousness whether she wants or does not!
It would seem that the world has discovered the secret of the structure of organisms on the basis of conventional D N A codes. Although they do not understand their actions, they pride themselves on being able to recognize their owners thanks to them.
Why until now we can not say anything about our Awareness. We do not understand how they work and where do we get them from? Our bodies grow old and die and eventually disintegrate into dust in the full chaos. What is happening with our Consciousness? Is she immortal?
In our bodies we have codes in the form of contractual signs D N A. In our Awareness there are living Words that instantly create our intelligence and memory and sometimes unknowingly imply us an incredible way of thinking, as for example on the current topic about which I write.
The Bible informs us that God our Father Creator is the Living Divine Word! What do biblical codes say about this?
John's Gospel Chapter 1 verse 1
In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God and the word was God.

John's Gospel chapter 1 verse 10
[The Word] was in the world, the world did not become through it,
and yet the world did not recognize Him.

God the Father, Creator! It is the First Divine Consciousness based on the system of Living Words and Codes. He is a Living Spiritual Person!
In the earthly designation, God the Creator is a Spirit composed of coded Living Words and Codes that created the Living Eternal System of Life, becoming the Model for others!
Therefore, the Consciousness is a living intelligent spiritual figure about which much more could be said or otherwise formulated because man can not define his own Consciousness, which has been cloned from the Consciousness of the Son of God.
Why from the Consciousness of the Son of God?
The Bible clearly states that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son, that is, His Consciousness was cloned from God the Creator of Consciousness. Such a situation never happened again, even if there was no conflict of Consciousness. Double Awareness is the power of intelligence and the possibility of perfect analysis of God's Creativity! Therefore, cloning the Consciousness from the Son of God creates the justice and order of the hierarchy that prevails in the Kingdom of God.
Satan in the previous heavenly system caused chaos and unhappiness through which death unknown to anyone came.
At present, the universe of degenerates is being purified and the New Kingdom of God is created in which the new hierarchy and order of the universe will prevail.

Luke's Gospel, Chapter 17, verses 20, 21
20. Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God comes, he answered them:
God's Kingdom will not come noticeably,
21 And they will say, Behold, here he is, or there, for this is the kingdom of God among you.

For billions, billions of years, our Beloved Divine Person has created innumerable words that have created an immortal system of life, becoming a model for other lives that existed in the universe! From these Wonderful Words, the D N A cell system became intertwined to create a three-dimensional material organism, becoming various living forms, making living in all Consciousness. These even the smallest organisms and seem primitive even to the slightest degree of thinking. The smallest bit in the form of an invisible particle has a code that once made her aware that she must submit to the wonderful system created by our God, the Creator Father. There is chaos in the universe and everything that is alive evolves chaotically, creating organisms that sometimes in various forms, for example deadly bacteria or dangerous organisms, become a lethal pest to humanity.
Currently, the fashionable titles of some movies have been included in which the word codes are included. Codes in movies usually refer to the mysterious threads on which a complicated film script is built. Such a hit was the movie titled Kino Leonardo Da Vinci. On the basis of certain codes, the director wanted to slander Jesus Christ, that he had intercourse with the biblical Magdalene who gave birth to his daughter. For believers in the True Creator, it is known that Jesus was the code exposing the Jewish religion, wanting to convey to mankind the truth about God. So whether Jesus was married or not, all slander did not make any impression on me or on reasonable people. It is known that Jesus became the ultimate Truth of Knowing God and the devil, becoming a victim, to stop lying and making blood sacrifices where this is still the case for Muslims. Only an apostate Muslim confession, on the order of their false prophet, continues to make blood sacrifices, because their religion was created by the Vatican regime, making them the terror of the world. This outmoded procedure continues today. They do not realize that the devilish Moses predestined them to the ax, which is evident from their present history. The biblical codes are patterns of information that change the sense of general understanding of the biblical thread. In order to get to know their actions thoroughly, one has to take into account that everyone can understand the Bible differently. Codes along with their informational keys in purified consciousness reveal the specific truth of events regarding the content of biblical stories.
An example is the verses in the Bible where they explain each other through a code system!
Gospel of Luke 10, 21, 22.
At that moment, Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, "I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and You have revealed them to the simpletons. Yes, Father, because that was your taste.
My father gave everything to me. Nor does anyone know who the Son is, only the Father, or who the Father is, only the Son, to whom the Son will reveal.
It would seem that there is no answer to the above verse. Yes, I used to think until Jesus told me through the bible codes that:
John's Gospel chapter 10 verse 38
However, if I do, you would not even believe me,
believe my works, that you may know
and they knew that the Father is in me and I am in the Father.

What does it mean? What did Jesus tell me? The real answer is very simple! God the Father of the Creatures The only-begotten Son is united with the Father and is One, they are spiritually united to form the One Voice, the Person of the Son and Father in one undamaged Unity, creating the One Sacred Divine Consciousness.
In that case, how is it with our Consciousness or Souls?
The matter is simple and through bible codes and can be solved if we look at the definition of the Son of God in the Bible as only begotten. Examples in the Gospel of John:
Chapter 1, verse 18
No one has ever seen God. One God who is born in the bosom of the Father (about him) has instructed.

John's Gospel, Chapter 2, verse 16
God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but would have eternal life.
Through the biblical codes in verses, we understand that God the Father, Creation, gave birth only to the Son of God and no one was born that way. Understanding this fact more clearly, God the Creator Father cloned from his Consciousness, the Consciousness of the Son of God, where he almost became like the Father. Uniting with the Father, he intensified the intelligence of his Creator! In the biblical codes, the Son of God has not denied that the Father is greater than Him.
The Son of God, the Only Begotten, played a huge role in the creation of every intelligent person in the entire universe. How can this be understood? Since the Son of God became the Only Begotten Son of the Creator, this logic tells us that the cloning of our Consciousness or our Soul comes from the Son of God! An example in biblical codes:
John's Gospel, Chapter 1, verses 10, 11.
There was a Word in the world, and the world became through Him, but the world did not recognize Him. He came to his own property and his own people did not receive him.
In everything I wrote, there is an even greater mystery which means Man and human sons.
Well, no one of us knows whether he is only a human or embodied clone of the Only-begotten Son embodied in human body, becoming only an ordinary person?
I have not been mistaken in the world for the people and for the sons of God, who are embodied in man and become sons of men. In this form, the only-begotten Son of God came and here the codes clearly say what they are saying:
John's Gospel, Chapter 3, verse 13.
And no man ascended up to heaven, save him who came down from heaven, the Son of man.

1 John's letter, Chapter 4, verses 1, 2, 3.
Beloved, do not trust any spirit, but examine the spirits whether they are of God, for many false prophets have appeared in the world.
After that you get to know the Spirit of God: every ghost that recognizes that Jesus Christ came in the flesh is from God.
And any spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not of God; and this is the spirit of Antichrist, who - as you have heard - is coming and is already in the world.

Second Letter of John Chapter 5, verse 7.
For there are many deceivers in the world who do not recognize that Jesus Christ came in the human body. He is such a deceiver and Antichrist.

In the Bible, we have hidden, almost unobservable codes where there are basic answers from which we can create a scenario that exposes religious lies. These codes create a clear picture showing some Bible writers that they did not realize that they were doing evil to the devilish Moses. Fortunately, with a deep analysis, we discover that at the same time other Bible creators were provoked by Noble Spiritual Persons to write valuable texts that are positive codes. Without realizing the person who wrote the biblical texts through positive spiritual mediation, they inserted truth-tracking codes among the false ones. They were so cleverly hidden that in future world civilizations of the world's future, to expose all lies forever. In order for these noble codes to be imperceptible to the degenerates, that they would have to survive for centuries, until now noble Spiritual Persons had to code them in an elaborate way. The codes had to be incorporated into the text so that they would only be discovered at a time when the intelligence would be at a high level. The genius of this system consisted in the fact that small information destroys all the mendacious biblical stories most often invented by the devilish Moses. First of all, some of the Mosaic information concerned the Person of our Creator, insulting Him at every step. It was only the attitude and peaceful nature of Jesus that showed our Creator in another positive light!
As a result of the disclosure of Moses that he is a liar, all of his stories from Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and all of his other delusions of vision with God are simply a lie.
I am certainly not able to visualize all the codes, but the essential ones ultimately show the absurdity of understanding the entire Bible as all sects and different churches do.
For people interested in religions who have a logically developed Divine Consciousness, it is enough to understand the biblical codes to recognize the lies that all religions, sects and churches are full of. For me, the most important thing is to find the Person of our Creator and His Only-Begotten Son in the Human Body who is resurrected by the model of eternal life that God offers us! Today's modern times and new technology cover us day by day with the truth, that we do not get to know our Creator and all knowledge about this subject is still closed before us. Returning to the biblical codes, let's consider some of them. The most interesting thing is that let's call it Noble Spiritual Providence showed the codes in the Old Testament that expose the devil, who turned out to be Moses himself. Sometimes biblical codes work backwards and for the future. That's how the codes came out stating that all religious leaders before Jesus and after Him are thieves, scammers and robbers! They showed Moses a liar, for apart from the only begotten Son of God, no one has ever seen God the Creator Father!
The Apocalypse of John is some of the codes almost coming from the devilish Moses himself. There are his boasting ahead of the events that can happen. An example is the deceptive picture before which everyone must bow down. In my opinion, the images of the black Madonna, which depict the Devil Hare Krishna from Indian religion and not Mary with Jesus who gave birth to the Body for Jesus Christ, perfectly match this deception. These diabolical codes waited for the right times to be able to match them and in one case they already work! In the Apocalypse is shown the code regarding the image of the black Madonna, who in the Polish nation became an oracle of accusations making Poland a servant of the Vatican beast! The prophecy about Poland is horrible, that the worshipers and people must suffer a cruel punishment. Perhaps they will be born again in terrible places in the world, or worse still, their eternal death will never come to anew. On my site you will find a lot of information on this subject! Since we are already on the topic of the false Madonna, let us consider this matter. When we consider the issue of a non-existent Madonna, in other words, in the Catholic jargon of the Mother of God, I immediately think that a poor Jewish old man, as the saying goes, hears over what kind of nonsense about her. Madmen make her the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Poland, and she is actually associated as if she were the wife of the Creator himself.
There are biblical codes about Mary, the mother of Jesus, from whom she was made the queen of heaven, showing the lies of devilish Moses. If we consider them logically, we will understand who cares about these lies to make big business on them. I would like to explain from the outset why we are stupefied with various false religious stories, confessions and sects. The answer is obvious! In this way, we become a worse species, just as in the time of Hitler there were Jews, with the difference that it happens in peaceful times. Through all religious lies and instilling them into our minds, we become goys. It is such a Jewish term for those who have become a lower race to let themselves be fooled without complaining about the hard work and hard times for them.
How sad to see when Jehovah's World sects do not realize that they are Gentiles. Working hard and sacrificing themselves, they do not realize that they are employed by the Mosaic beasts to control the world for them!
In a word, for the staining of any religious lie, the Gentiles work for those who have been selected by devilish Moses and his angels, for a pleasant life and a good time in this world. You know that the lust for riches and power of some people is not limited until they lead the world to wars and tragedies.
We know that there are planets from billions of billions of years to an unimaginable number that is hard to imagine. What is the meaning of the short story of the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the enormous time of our Creator's existence that she would suddenly become his wife?
These disgusting accusations are so monstrous that I wonder how the one who invented them will answer. Catholic lies have destroyed the authentic messages of Jesus that could bring great knowledge to our history.
As for the Catholic religion, there is no doubt that sooner or later it will cease to exist on our planet, because it is based on imaginary fairy tales beneficial to doing business! I feel sorry for those who have unwittingly contributed to religious lies, for their deeds will be done by the evil devil in their lifetime Moses. Let us analyze the verses from the Gospel of Mark chapter 3 from verses 31 to 34. I quote:
And his mother and his brother came, and stood at home, and sent for him, and they called him.
And the people sat around him. And they said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren, and thy sisters are in the house, and seek after thee.
And answering, he said unto them, Who is my mother and my brothers?
And he ran his eyes after those who sat around him, and said, Behold my mother and my brothers.
3:35 Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother.
And it is also written elsewhere in the Bible.

Gospel of Matthew 12 verses 46 to 50
And while he yet spoke to the multitudes, behold, his mother and his brothers stood outside, wanting to speak with him.
And someone said to him, "Behold, your mother and your brothers are standing outside and want to speak with you.
And he answering said to him that which said to him, Who is my mother?
And who are my brothers?
And he stretched out his hand unto his disciples, and said, Behold, my mother and my brothers!
For whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven, he is my brother and sister and mother.

Imagine what has been encoded in the above verses so that the truth is revealed.
Jesus, due to the persecution, searched for hidden places, so that he could teach his listeners there, telling about God, whose world he did not know. These places were under the control of his disciples who in the event of danger could inform Jesus of the arrival of his enemies. According to Bible information, the mother of Jesus found Jesus preaching and came with all her family. One of the disciples approached Jesus and informed Him that the mother and his sisters and brothers wanted to talk to him. Jesus, not wanting to create a scandal, told his listeners that his mother and family are those who listen to his teachings. What is the conclusion? Jesus made it clear to the disciples who stood guard that his family would not be allowed in! His mother and his siblings probably did not believe in his messages, they even wanted him to cease his activities. Probably the Jewish commune demanded from them threatening them with some sanctions.
The following biblical text informs us figuratively that the cult of Mary has become the cause of the destruction of the proper message of Jesus, in God's Creator, the Creator, the only-begotten Son and the Holy Spirit! Because of a misunderstanding of biblical codes, many false religions were created.
Gospel of Matthew 13 verse 21
Similar to the acid that the woman took, she blotted in three measures of flour, until everything was leaven.
The above verse undoubtedly applies to the religious worship of Madonna!
For decency, I will leave this topic and let codes covered in it reveal themselves to those who deserve it. They will understand what could have happened over the centuries that caused acidification, or the hypocrisy of messages that Jesus revealed in his teachings.
Let us now analyze the Gospel of John, chapter 19, verses 25, 26, 27
And his mother and his mother's sister, Maria, the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene stood at the cross of Jesus.
And when Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing beside her, he said to his mother: Woman, behold your son!
Then he said to the disciple, Behold your mother! And from that hour her disciple took her to her.

We have a strange incident here at a very strange moment, when Jesus is dying on the cross. Suddenly, he sends his mother to the protective hands of the apostle John. The moment of this event is very serious and very strange! Handing over Jesus' mother to Jan's care could be agreed much earlier and in a more favorable situation. As we know, the apostle John was later exiled to the island of Patmos and did not take Mari with him. Certainly the sense of handing Mary over to Jan's care had a different aspect. Perhaps it was about stopping the unpleasant incident on the part of Maria who was emotionally, too shockingly behaving.
The later proclamation of the mother of Jesus, Queen of Heaven, is the invention of a Catholic pope. To be honest, Maria did not deserve a lie to dishonor her noble name, because she behaved like every mother protecting her child!
If all that I described in the above text, you find it ridiculous, it means that your consciousness has lost its logical reflection of facts encoded in the Bible. Remember the Bible was written 320 years after the crucifixion of Jesus! At the time when it was written, there was no dogma of the Queen of Heaven. As I wrote, he was created by a Catholic church to unblock the barrier of women reluctant to take part in Catholic religion. The fact that Maria was Jewish and certainly never changed her Jewish origin and religious religion to reasonable women did not fit into their consciousness. Maria, from generation to generation, was a Jew and her physiognomy could not change anything in her religious beliefs! Just as our parents can not accept that Catholicism is a false religion! Even if Maria were fascinated by Jesus' miracles, she would probably always be skeptical of this. She would probably wonder if the son of science and miracles were not contrary to the Jewish religion. Undoubtedly, my mother, if she were alive, would wonder about my person or, by accident, I am not a deceiving soul, or that I was confused!
Jesus proclaimed that religions of that time lie because they do not know who the creator God the Creator is and they do not seek to know Him in the Person of Jesus Christ. They show the Creator in false invented forms through the false messages of Moses!
I want to familiarize the world with the Son of God, the Firstborn, who is in the One Body of God with his Father, and whom the world of believers has crucified. Those who created the biblical New Testament by writing about the Son of God gave the impression that Jesus was just the Body of God. They did not take into account that God the Creator Father and the Only-begotten Son are two separate Consciousness inhabiting the One Human Body filled with the eternal Energy of Life by the Holy Spirit! At least they clearly define information from the Gospel of John. The body of the Son of man as defined in the Bible was united with the Spiritual Person of our Creator and His Only Begotten Son, whose soul or consciousness has become a model of copy for all intelligent beings. At the present time, our Spiritual Consciousness from the Only-Begotten Son is copied into various organisms living in the entire cosmos! Unfortunately, because of ignorance and sin, they are not eternal like beings living in the Kingdom of God!
I am sure that Maria did not accept this message, because for her Jewish Jehovah, the earth god was an absolute god who allegedly lived in a spiritual form in the Jerusalem temple. I remind you that through the biblical code depicting the statement of Jesus is that the Jewish Yahweh became an invented deity by Moses. This is described in the Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 44.
Let us return to the description where Jesus did not accept the admission of Mary and his siblings to the place where he taught, because they did not recognize his teachings. If it were different, the content of the description of this event could look completely different. E.g:
On that day, his mother and his brethren came to visit Jesus and were admitted without any problems to the place where Jesus was lecturing. They sat among the listeners, and Jesus, seeing them, would smile and say these words: You see, even my entire earthly family has come to hear what I am telling the world. They would also believe that the world knew his God and His Son, who are now appearing in their human earthly mission. The Son of God would say that he wants to gradually get used to meeting the Father and the Son in his bodily form! He wanted to explain that he would not be discouraged by the difficulties in his imagination and get to know them only because of his patience. When the civilization is fully realized, as it is in the Kingdom of our Creator, a final judgment will take place to identify the degenerates who persecuted and persecuted the Children of God! When you know me and know me and your Father Creator, the original appearance of the universe will be recreated! Through me, the Son of God, you will understand that you are like me and my Father. You will understand that the two Consciousness in the body is the power to analyze all wisdom that exists in the entire universe. We are different only in bodily resemblance, although you have copied your personal Consciousness from me. And human consciousness, the Father and I enlighten with wisdom, we were recognized that we are one. Whoever believes that the Father and I are Jesus Christ and through his baptism and faith will authenticate it orally, you will know us in the Kingdom of God to whom I invite you! May the Truth win and free you from earthly slavery!

Such a virtual event would have been more positive in our heads! Is not it?

Another similarity told them: The Kingdom of Heaven is similar to acid, which the woman took and made three measures of flour, until everything was leavened.

The above coded information warns us not to be caught up in lies about the false Queen of Heaven! Perhaps it would be our final defeat in the accusatory tests that Devil Moses used. We know that during the creation of the Bible, it was not taken into account that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the queen of heaven. This dogma in primitive Christianity did not exist at all, although some Jewish women who created Jewish religion in secret worshiped the ancient queen of heaven, and this was a prohibition under the penalty of death. Mother of Jesus was not in the world yet.
Many people will wonder why the Heavens have allowed the creation of the cult of Madonna, which if it is fanatical can contribute to evil. Probably the Heavens treat every affliction of Earth cultures tradition positively if they bring peace in the world. Therefore, the Madonna cult can be treated as a fairy tale for adult children who have made their lives more pleasant. It is worse with those who have created a devilish business on this cult robbing their believers in their churches.
We are all human dolls! We are so different that sometimes we are unable to communicate. We see in ourselves or other people false saints, and yet in other satans and antichrists. We do not realize that usually we are not ourselves, that is, we are not when we have been since our first appearance. Living as a human effigy we are full of fanaticism or immoral annihilation. We can instantly transform into beasts and cruel murderers with attorneys, defenders or prosecutors. What does it mean? It means that we should first evaluate ourselves in order to innocently accuse other people who do not accept religious lies such as the cult of the Madonna!
In my further texts on biblical codes, please treat my discoveries as biblical codes revealing the truth, because in the original whole stories we still do not find any real sense. The discovery of biblical codes ultimately gives us an understanding of how we should deal with our Father Creator, so that he would reveal to us in a human way the understanding of His Miracle Person.
Due to the fact that the bible codes keep discovering their secrets in my texts about biblical codes, I decided not to show them until I analyze them thoroughly!
You can come to find them yourself, to understand their meaning as, for example:
Why was the Apostle Peter called Satan? Why did the false apostle Paul of the murderer evolve into a preacher of strange Christianity? Why have a lot of religious buildings been built like churches and temples with a false saint? Seek and you will find codes responsible for a kind of truth! They explain to you how religions and religions are manipulated and how sects lie! Really, those codes are there! Study the Bible and you may find out if you are only human or human sons who came from other planets.
The coded information in the Bible is sometimes very shocking. In the Bible, information about people and sons of people is repeated. It is as if people on Earth were living who were created from human-like organisms, as well as from other planets that embodied human bodies. An example is the encoded information in Psalm 8 verse 5
I think: What is a human being that you remember about him? Or son of man, do you care for him?
Undoubtedly, there are on the Earth's planet newcomers from the Kingdom of God, whom probably their greatest enemy, Satan's mate, asked them to test them persecuting incessantly.
Luke's Gospel, chapter 22, verse 31. I quote:
Simon, Simon, Satan demanded to sift you like wheat.
Devilish Moses, when he still had access to God's Kingdom, manipulated the whole world, lying to his Creator, so that he would not be aware of his nasty business. Hence, many civilizations were driven to insanity to destroy them afterwards!
Devilish Moses so much hates people, especially Jews where in various incarnations like Hitler, he wanted to kill most people as usual!
John's Gospel, Chapter 5, verse 45. I quote:
Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father; Moses accuses you, in which you have placed hope.

An example of the presence of the Sons of God on earth in the Gospel of John 17 verses 11, 12.
11. I am no longer in the world, but they are still in the world, and I am going to you. Holy Father, keep them in Your name, which You gave Me, that they would be one like us.
12. As long as I was with them, I kept them in your name, which You gave me, and I guarded them, and none of them perished except for the son of perdition, that the scripture might be fulfilled.
Perhaps one day a pact with Satan Moses was concluded that when the son of a man sinlessly wins the world and keeps his victory until his death, the devil Moses will lose absolute power on Earth.
That's what happened! The Father the Creator and the Son of the Only-Begotten Son have conquered the world and Satan has lost all power over him!

You may not believe that Jesus Christ is crucified our God the Father Creator. However, take into account that there is Someone, Who was from the beginning, and with Him, His Firstborn, only Son of God.
Though you will not be able to take part in the first resurrection, to spare judgment in order to get to eternal life. Perhaps one day you will see the second coming of the Savior. I wish you, that your faith would survive until the second coming of Jesus Christ, and in the last judgment opened a new chance for salvation!
Personally, I believed in biblical codes to avoid suffering that would occur before the time of the Last Judgment, and so I was told by the codes of biblical end to the fight against evil!
1 John, chapter 2, verses 12, 13, 14
12 I am writing to you, fathers, that you have known him who is from the beginning. I am writing to you, young people, that you have won the Evil One.
13 I have written to you, children, that you know the Father, I have written to you, fathers, that you have known him who is from the beginning, I wrote to you, young people, that you are strong and that God's teaching abides in you and you have conquered the Evil One.
14. I wrote to you, children, that you know the Father, I wrote to you, fathers, that you knew Him,
which is from the beginning, I wrote to you, young people, that you are strong and that God's teaching abides in you, and you have conquered the Evil One.