Everything that I write about in my articles is in the form of prophecies, which could change under the influence of Satan, so that disoriented (confused) people wanting to recognize satanic tricks. Satan does not like going through history, in which someone else has exposed his demonic tricks.

Most prophecies of wise people has not come to pass, however, I will never call such people false prophets. Thanks to these prophets, who had been warning against eventual satanic attacks, which had saved the world against his tricks. Please forgive even me, if the information I give does not come to pass. I will in way be annoyed, if anyone called me a false prophet. The important thing is that to completely destroy satanic ploys, and show him (Satan) that God's people are wise and that they are using the logic (wisdom) with which God has endowed them!

The Poles love Lies!

What is more, Poles love to voluntarily give up (surrender) to lie while they pray thus: "Surrender yourself in obedience under the canopy of Madonna the Polish Patroness; she is our Lord and Saviour"

Such is the nonsensical litany used by Roman Catholic inventors of lies and traditions, with which they are holding captive and in total darkness almost all the polish people.

The Poles always love lies and liars, who had been promoted as national heroes or holies without blemish or faults.

In about 50 or 100 hundred years the Catholic Church will raise the Pseudo Saviour Lech Walesa to the Alter of Holiness. I am almost sure that fanatics will so raise Walesa to the rank of super hero, which conquer communism with the image of Madonna in the lapel of his coat. This is likely to happen. Satan is only waiting for such move! Satan is using false churches and or false religions to run down the whole world, so he can be paid homage through the camouflage of different devotions.

Oh you Poles, if you believe false Madonna, which Satan had fabricated, sorry to say, but you have his slave, and that is forever. (Revelation 13 from verse 11)

It is clearly written there that: whosoever refuses to wear the false image of Madonna on his or her clothes or on hear gear, that same one will persecuted or even killed.

Satan now is looking for those that will follow after Walesa, who probably not knowingly will contribute to a great deal of evil.

It may not even take a hundred years before history is altered enough for the much vaunted Lech Walesa to be made a religious super star.

The Americans are glorifying him, not knowing what evil they are abetting. No wonder they are experiencing more misfortune and worse cataclysm like never before.

The Poles completely fell in love with Madonna, which does not exist and never ascend to Heaven. She never was the wife of God, and never did she change her nationality, to become the Queen of Poland. She was Jewish to her death. Senseless Poles put their trust in Madonna, which never gave her life up on the cross for our salvation. Poles gave in completely to lies without reason and not knowing, that Mary, which gave birth to the body of God did not remain virgin forever as the Roman Catholic Church wrongly claims. Mary gave Joseph at least four other children. That is what the Bible says and surely enough the Jews have other documents to this effect. The Poles do not comprehend the fact that the church leaders know perfectly well, that they are cheating people with false Madonna cult. How else can they attract the mass of people to the Catholic churches if not deceit? If the Madonna cult is eradicated or dismantled, the big business called Roman Catholic Church would collapse for ever.

The Poles do not want to understand that God the creator Himself gave Himself up as offering, to save us and buy us from this sinful world.

The world and its many religions love violence thereby accepting harsh Jewish God Yahweh, which used to kill his opponents the moment he could accuse them of lie or foolishness. A two-horned Satan is gaining entrance such fools through lies, to destroy them and their chance of everlasting joy. Churches and sects are giving in to enslavement of lies and they do not even know that people don know who God the Father is, and who is His beloved Son (Mathew 11 v 27).

They do not take it into their understanding that all those, without exception that came before Jesus in the name of God, were all thieves and robbers. (John 10 v 8)

It is amazing that no one can understand such simple fact that, God is Love. He never wrongs anybody. God the Father never drag people through the desert and has nothing to do with murder, which are mentioned in the Old Testament.

The Poles has never studied religious books deeply enough to come to conclusion that a curse is hanging over their nation. The Polish nation is referred to in the Bible as a second false prophet that is selflessly serving the first one.

Why is Poland a country of cheats and thieves?

In the 1990s, a lot of people who had emigrated to different countries of the west during the Solidarity upheaval, returned home. The emigrants brought with them their life savings. They also brought technology wanting establish businesses. In most cases about 99% of these people set up companies with their country men at home. What followed? The degenerates' pseudo Polish brothers robbed their sponsors. I happened to be a victim to such partner, who cashed all the money in the company account and left me high and dry with debts and criminal cases. Almost all emigrants were robbed not only of money but of our feelings and big heart which we had towards our fellow brothers.

The answer to this is simple; Poland is governed by the spirit of lie and hypocrisy which emanates from only one source - the Roman Catholic Church, which amasses treasures of this world. The Catholic Church has its own radio and television stations. They have huge possibilities and power discredit Poles with hideous lies.


And now topic that will put some hard liners' nerves on edge!
Mathew 12 v 46, 47, 48, 49, 50
I quote:

While He yet talked to the people, behold, His mother and His brethren stood without, desiring to speak with Him.
Then one said unto Him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee.
But He answered and said unto him that told Him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?
And He stretched forth His hand toward His disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren!
For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. [KJV]
The same passage is found in Mark 3 v 33, 34, 35; as well as in Luke 8 v 19, 20, 21.
One needs to be more than blind and completely lack imagination, not to perceive that Jesus did not allow Mary and her children to attend His teachings. Why? The answer is simple: Mary and her family did not believe Christ.
Any one that was interested in the teachings of Christ followed Him and listened to Him from the beginning. Mary and sons arrived when Christ's lecture was in progress. This clearly shows that neither Mary nor her family were interested in the teachings of Christ!

How best to understand this situation?

In the first instance, the Disciples of Christ put guards outside the auditorium to deny intruders entrance, so as not to disturb Christ in His teachings. One of the Disciples asked whether to let Mary and sons in. Christ categorically did not give consent and they were not allowed entrance! That is logical!

Secondly, Mary does not carry all the blame. She had behaved as most mothers would. For the fear of the problems from the head of the synagogue, which might come on her family, she had tried to stop Christ from spreading the good news.

Imagine the era of Hitler or Stalin anyone, who would try and express his opinion condemning the order of the day as at that time would be putting himself and his family in danger.

Which mother would not try to stop her son from exposing himself to death in those terrible days? The time of Christ was more than terrible and very dangerous. Danger abounded from the Pharisees and the Romans.
No more comments.
His mother did accompany Him on the way to Calvary, even the Catholic legend have it that one Veronica was the one that was wiping His sweat, why not His mother? Why didn't the family of Jesus take care of His burial? Why was it that one enigmatic Joseph from Arimathaea in the company two Galilean women that buried Him? (The burial was witnessed by two Mary, one Mary Magdalene; the other was Joseph's mother)

No further comments
One lie disrupts Biblical Teachings! How is this perceived by others …..?

Stop persecuting me! (Urągać)
A lot of people are persecuting the author of these papers and me, not realising that the web page is meant for discussion, and not for mutual abuse. I have mentioned on my website once and I am now reminding those …. and …., that they should address their silly behaviour and ugly names to themselves.

The way to discussion is through questions, and afterwards can we judge who is right and who is wrong!

The author of the internet chat room is an old man and does not even write well in polish. I am acting on his behalf and I will not tolerate vulgar language calling the devil etc.!

I believe Mr. Jack and I think his opinions are very logical. Sometimes I find it difficult to interpret the things he trying to put across, because they are so wonderful, and it is extremely difficult to give detailed explanation, especially hard heartened unbelievers like most of you.

I will put the content of your vulgar chats together with your addresses on my website permanently, to proof how the Catholic Church is teaching the community, which cannot differentiate discussion from argument and vulgarism.

I could very well stop this discussion on the internet, but just sit back and pray about whether to continue it or not.

There is only one answer:

God sent His Son to become the mediator between man and God and God Himself came down to our planet in order to inform its occupants how we falsely give honour and glory due Him to liars that supposedly come in His name.

It is my duty to inform you all and use all available channels to in order to arouse people re-analyse their relationship with Creator.

God is continuously upholding the earth; He rejuvenates every creation with new life. He is taking care of us on all sides while Satan is collecting the glory using all sorts of tricks adopting the forms of holy angels, which are propagated by every Church, religions, sects that exist on earth.

The message concerning our duty to give glory only to the Creator is found in the Revelation of Saint John (Revelation 14 v 7). Apocalypse is the sign of time we live in. Take a deeper look at apocalypse from the verse I quoted above and see what is written further to see what the devil has prepared for those he is able to deceive. I have written that the devil comes only but to steal, to kill and to destroy. And when he has succeeded in deceiving any of us, he thinks he has got every to it thereby Regards, the discontented as his children.

Poles that do not have the best opinion in the world will carry the blame sooner or later when the truth eventually surface.

The Poles will then become laughing stock on earth, for having so keenly followed the first beast, as is written in the Bible.

Go to my website and study all that is available on this topic. The address is: www.fakty.org.pl   www.infomega.pl   www.totalinfo.pl

Every sign on my web page is a link to further information.

Every person has the right to express himself or herself on any topic in this present day of democracy.

Every living soul on earth is embodied according to his or her race and destiny. Every one of us gets a gift of body from God, which cloth us during our sojourn on earth. I doubt if any of you will contest the fact your internal organs and the brain are not the works of your mother and father!

The human body is a genius, which no man knows nor can discern how it comes about and how human organs are formed.

This body of ours in which we are enveloped is called human, whose number of intelligence is 6. Those that know hoe computer processor functions would comprehend the meaning of the sixth (6th) level of intelligence. I will explain for those who do not know this aspect, that after the 6th level of intelligence there is nothing else man can do without the assistance of our Creator.

Our bodies are differentiated according to race, colour of the skin, frankly speaking according to the seed with which God Almighty has blessed us differently.

The Bible calls our differences "seed" (all these I am writing about are in the Bible and I refrain myself from giving examples as they are like baits to some people).

Going back to human bodies, the Bible defines the origin of our bodies to be from the seed of our predecessors. In one word, all human intelligence and logic depend on how our great, great grand parents behaved, which as they developed become more and more intelligent.

They acquired religious intelligence through confessing and believe in our Creator (people call our abilities "gene that we take after our parents").

Of all these seeds (as the Bible calls it) one particular one distinguished, the blessed seed of the Jewish King David (references to all these things are in the Bible, all you need to do is ask and I will show you where to look for them)

King David got the promise to multiply his seed in great quantity and, that generations after him would receive gifts of God's blessings in different forms such as exceptional ability to know the true faith in the only one God.

Christ is of the line of David. While He was on earth, He asked God the Father to enlighten those He chose to be His disciples. He also asked that the truth be exposed to those that believe these disciples. There are millions of people of the line of David on earth today; it is very possible you are one of them but you are not aware of this fact (probably this offends some people close to you as it does those confronting Mr. Jacek Piotrowicza).

Those people who are endowed with the seed of David can easily grab religious matters than the rest of us; what is more, this cannot be changed. The rest can only believe these people using the logic with which their body has been equipped.

Let us go back to our, which we receive as gift from our Creator.

Each one of us has two personalities.

1. The first one is the spirit being, which comes from the Creator Himself (Everlasting spirit). This first person, (spirit being) has nothing to do with human body. The spirit comes from God.
2. The second one is a present we receive from God, a clean new body, in which we are born which during the course of life we pollute and contaminate with numerous sins and destroy with diseases. This second personality, i.e. our body is very delicate and fragile. We loose it (our body dies) because we treat it very badly. The use of foul language in respect to religious lie causes us to loose our body (God's gift) for ever. You had better stop tongue lashing with poisonous languages, as you would fall into big trouble!
A very delicate issue here is the use of the name of our Almighty God "Holy Spirit, our Creator". This can cause deadly sin and we can as a result loose our life for ever (Mathew 12 v 32, Mark 3 v 29, Luke 12 v 10), (if you are interested in further explanation write me - fakty777@hotmail.com

Now I will go back to Mary's topic for which reason you have bombarded me with so many insults, for which I am praying that God should forgive you. The Lord God is love and it is through this and with this love that He gave us our body as a gift.

Mary like every other human being received from God her body as gift, good, clean, and new born. The is no doubt that she was born a babe. God as in many other cases only used her body as a tool to carry out His plan. Deliverance of us all! Therefore the gift Mary received from God, which is the body of Mary, was made by the Holy Spirit. Everything we have together with our body originates from God. How on earth can call Mary the mother of God, since it was not Mary the spirit being, but her body, which she received as gift that gave birth to the body of God?

It is unfortunate that people do not accept the fact that every conception is a gift from the Creator. No one reflects or wonders that our real father and mother is God Himself, the Holy Spirit. Our earthly mothers got their body from God, the Holy Spirit. In those "gifts" - bodies of our mothers, God deposits us. This must be understood, because it is clear you do not understand the basis of the plan of everlasting salvation. Salvation is possible only through the body of God perfected conception like Christ. Our Lord Jesus is perfect example, that we will have the chance to become true children of God, that take to his father, during His coming 1000 year rule on earth. There is no other way to enter into the Father's house.

The Catholic Church as well as the Protestant Churches are cheating their followers with half truth and covering up or deliberately refraining from telling very important truth which is "life after death".

This truth "life after death" was revealed to us by Jesus Himself saying; there is only one truth and one way through which we can find the answer to "life after death".
We must look at Him and get to know His history both on earth and in heaven.
One thing we must remember though, that the main objective of Christ is to unmask all satanic lies!

Let's look at what Jesus said: I am the only way do the truth; and to know me and yourself completely on earth (now let the hardliners hold their peace and try to analyse the next words. I warn you that when you will try to consider the verses below, the devil will try hard to disturb you so you do not understand it).

Please pay Attention to John 3 v13 I quote:
And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven. [KJV]

It is absolutely clear here; that someone (son of man, which is the name of Christ) was called up to heaven and came back to earth being born as a small child. This information says clearly, that no one had ever gone up from earth to heaven (on God's planet), which is the seat of God the Father. Coming back to earth He had to be a child again born here on earth. Please take a closer look at this information and stop twisting the real sense of this verse. It is clear from it, that someone was taken up to heaven and return to earth through birth and by the power of God having grown up in God's body was taken up again only to come back again in not so distant future and remain with us for good 1000 years.

I will not expand on this. Some will ask; who went to heaven and wrote all these, lest the sons of perdition start tongue lashing again. However, interested people can write to me and discuss this openly in an amicable manner and not like a band of insane.

Coming back to the main issue:

As we already know the Son of Man being a grown up man (according to Jesus) came back to earth as a child.

Therefore we are absolutely sure there is life after death.

* The next proof is the following statement from Jesus. He said that Elisha came back to earth, but in the body of John the Baptist (example is in Mathew 17 v 12).

* One other proof was the conversation between Christ and Nicodemus (John 3 v 3 - 6).

Christ said very clearly of being born again, saying that "you must be born again". Satan however, is trying very hard, especially in the protestant churches that people perceive being born again i.e. life after death with disgust.

You must be born again! Because if one is not born again, he looses his life forever.

The Protestants take in being born again as the water baptism with the thought that water baptism as well as the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the same as being born again. No! Water and Spirit baptism is an act of faith to wash away sins, at the same time accepting Our Lord Jesus as our only God. This very important act of faith i.e. water baptism as an adult is a gift to be able to be physical born again as a child in future. Baptism in Catholic Church is a separate issue (you are welcome to contact me on this).

Our previous body had been destroyed because of our sins of the old. But thanks to our Creator the Lord Jesus we have a rebirth in a new human form, which is a gift from our Creator.?

Another example of being born again is found in John 8 v 36. I quote: (Jon 8 v 56)

Abraham ojciec wasz, rozradował się z tego, ze ujrzał mój dzień i ucieszył się.
Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it, and was glad. [KJV]

Old man Simeon. Luke 2 v 25 - 32 I quote:
And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel; and the Holy Ghost was upon him.
And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
And he came by the Spirit into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for him after the custom of the law,
Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,
Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,

Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;

A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel. [KJV]

It take a little imagination, to know that, that Simeon was without doubt Abraham's Spirit being clothed in the new man Simeon.

Another example is the conversation between Christ and Peter about John the evangelist, who like others is to remain till the end of days. John: 20 v 20 - 23.

It is positive, that John is alive. He is surely in appropriate age suitable to the present time.

Many people came down from heaven during Christ mission on earth as in the example of some of the Apostles. These ones remained here on earth at the Sons' request, so as to give testimony against the lies of every religion and Churches existing on earth. Above all their job is to remand those that are lying, so that they will not say they have not been warned of blaspheming against God.

Therefore we all live due to our Saviour Jesus and thank Him for that.
The spirit Mary is alive as well. It is not necessary that she is a woman this time, it could be a man.

Please remember, that I did not write the Bible, I am using it as a "tool"; however, my knowledge comes from the Spirit of Knowledge. Remember what Christ said; the one sent of me receives me, and he that receive, me receive the One that sent me. Stop your tongue lashing and refrain from sin!

Go to my website and open the link "szokujace fakty" (shocking facts). At the top left corner you will find another link titled "absolutne fakty" (absolute facts). Open them and see for yourself Biblical facts, that Satan will deceive people with painting, which has a sword cut and this painting will have horns like that of a sheep (like an angel).

Is there any painting on earth that has a sword cut and pulls people to itself with great power? No there wasn't and isn't any other than the painting at Czestochowa. However, the painting in Czestochowa originates from Hary Krishna painting, which is an Indochinese painting, and more precisely satanic painting, because it depicts the devil; or it actual look.

Fellow citizen, Friend of Mr. Jack Peterson

Love mystery?
All about what I write in my articles is in form of prophecies, which with under influence of activities of devil can surrender to change, to confuse of people wanting to recognize {to diagnose} devilish tricks. Devil does not like to go with trace of events, which somebody already her uncovered {discovered} and unmashed his satanic tups.

Many of prophecies {of} smart people were not fulfilled but never I would call their {them} with false prophets. This {then} just thanks them prophets, whiches warned pushes with possible attacks diabla world protected oneself from his of crafty tricks. Yes {so} from I ask to forgive and me if cos will do from information, which gives. I will not be angry if anybody will call {name} me false year. Important is satanic plans {schedules} to spoil completely and to convince diabla from People God's is smart and profits from logics in which how {as} best would provide us Man {you} God!

Polacy worship lies!
Little this Polacy like voluntarily to give oneself up to lie in slaveries.

" Give oneself up voluntarily in slaveries and under care of queen Polish, she is our guide of life and Salvations {redemption}."

Yes {so} most often sound slogans of Roman Catholic kreatorów lies and bezsensownosci, which hold in reams and to mendacity almost all Poles.

Polacy always loved lies and liars acting from them heroes national or saint flawless.

Behind 50, and can {perhaps} 100 of years Catholic church will be beatyfikowal pseudo saviour, pseudo obalicila of communism Lecha Walese. Almost I am one {sure}, that they glorify Walese on super saint, because conquered he communism with false small picture of Madonna stuck in valve {wash-out} of jacket {navy}.

Will become {state} this {then} on what waits devil! Wills he to clean {to clear} all world from all these, whiches will not give back homage to Roman Catholic church, and properly to him oneself. Devil is liar, bandit and thief. Oj Pole, Pole if you believed in this {then} what devil lied You {these}, you are his prisoner and this {then} for ever.

About mark {signature} and to return oneself diablu is written in Bible in 13 distribution from 11 verse.

If anybody will refuse of bearing {of wearing} of false picture of Madonna on clothes or to cover of head, this will be persecuted or dead. I think about great plan {schedule} of Satan, which will seek of all ways to find imitators Lecha Walesy, which maybe being in ignorances would contribute not to freedoms and rather of constraining inhabitants of earth the Earth {the ground}. Can {perhaps} not will be it is necessary {need} till 100 of years to lie away history and from Walesy to make SUPER STAR religious. Already now glorify him Americans not turning over oneself matters, which one sin take on oneself.

Considerable worship Of Poles worshiped force, liars and murderers act from them heroes national and super historic stars.

In not distant history Of Poland we will find admirers antychrystów: Napoleona, Lenina, Stalina, and even advocates Hitlera also was not lacking.

For strange thing, To Poles did not hinder this {then}, from this their {them} passion very injured to them and brought of bad luck!

Polacy rozkochali oneself in Madonna, which never entered to Skies {heavens} and never former {was} wife Of God, nor did not change citizenship, to become {to remain} queen Of Poland. Believed in Madonna, which never removes one's own lives crosswise too {for} our Salvation {redemption}. Polacy of distance oneself completely to lie not knowing about this, from Maria, which gave birth Body {corpse} God not remaining {stayed} absolute virgin how {as} proclaims falsely church rzymsko-katolicki. Maria gave birth Józefowi yet at least four of children. Yes {so} announces Bible and surely other documents, which possess Hebrews.

Polacy even do not turn over oneself matters, from leaders of Catholic church perfectly knowledge, that deceive of people using worship false Madonnas. Because of what they can attract of people to one's own churches how {as} not with lie. If would do away {would put to death} worship Of Madonna business rzymsko-katolicki would end on always, because at them how {as} to this times saltily it is necessary to pay too {for} every service. Even died {dead} for lives has to to give back more than once one's own all belongings, to have last" koscielne smearing". Especially dear is to emigrants living outside borders Of Poland. Drawn out are from them huge moneys.

Man {you} Jesus said" Truth will free you". When you will see on eyes this {then} you will leave from liars and of robbers because you will see truth and you will ascertain, from faith receives oneself from Yours Jesus too free of charge.

Present trend to creating of lying worship" black Madonnas" aims {endeavours} to repetitions one's own of murderous intentions, which occurred already once, behind times of king babilonskiego Nabuchodonozora and in age XVI when this {then} one burnt {one smoked} on heaps all enemies {opponents} of church rzymsko-katolickiego.


God gave to one's own children free countries which one are westerly countries. free Nations {peoples} by {through} one's own unwisdom will begin to jostle {to smell} one's own freedom. Tormented internally by {through} terrorists, fanatics from corner religion how {as} eg Mohammedanism. Nations {peoples} yellow races how {as} eg China will waste communism, so that woke up in them fanatical Buddhism. In westerly countries after the example Mussulman fanatics, suicides Buddhists to torment will be of children God how {as} this {then} acted once Japaneses( kamikaze). Bible clearly qualifies their {them}, that will have similar eyes to human but other.

Will become {state} yes {so} because westerly governments did not comply cautions and of God's words. Words biblical complied not to adjoin with dirty, pagan religions.

" clean man if will touch dirty will clean {will clear} him with one's own cleanness? not, this {then} rather sloven will dirty of clean man".

Such unwisdom will cause dirt {pollution} with paganism free countries and all offices. Then all important places political become {remained} embraced by {through} pagan persons.

Terrorists all the time will torment and to kill remains of God's children thinking, from this {then} all act for one's own God.

In this oneself time most disguised religion confessing worship of Madonna promising to people new freedom( similarly how {as} became in Poland) will conquer all centres material and obedience and confidence these, whiches did not trust her before.

Zwiedza remains and will draw to them to repulse {to retort} artificially asserted oneself by {through} Satan {of} pagan enemy.

You {these} old familiar from Middle Ageses, where when murdered of people burning {smoking} their {them} alive on heaps. Having great wealths this of world and all authorities to institute will be one {one} one's own religions.

Nobody will be able to oppose to them! All fly's to acknowledge as absolute liberation and conquers of world false Madonna behind which stands ancient dragon,of, which they call with devil (devilish Moses or his angel). Devil already behind times Babylonian used king Babylonian and such of oneself trick with picture {image} to reach absolute authorities {of} all world.

False religion will be to glory from is already peace {room} to take round news's after all world. All world will go behind this false dear religion thinking from is this {then} good {goods} given way {} from recommendations {instruction} Of God and then will come end {finish}. Satan being proud will prove all Universe, with is master {champion} in lies and in all murders. Devil (Moses or his angel) will show, from imitated him oneself all to conquer, to stupefy and accusing as unsuccessful work God, which it is necessary to kill and to ravage on always. To kill in early modern manner. without pain using early super of most modern methods. Will leave only these, which's will be him to serve until of finishing of world.

You this my nice reader want?

Remember lie produces next lies.

For example if cheat wants well to sell some trash( bad commodity) will use super of tricks and super of lies. Yes {so} church rzymsko-katolicki used non-existent mitycznie religious Madonna smartly every on these fraud to catch. Just because if directed oneself with learnings {sciences} Of Christ not very confessors would gain over because churches Protestant and other already in excess these learnings {science} create.

One used false commodity, which does not exist and will become {will remain} by {through} many open by {through} real confessors Of Christ. Will unmash cheats, to which only depended on business and not on remittance of truth Yours Jesus, which said" Free of charge you took free of charge give".
Let us oppose to creation horrible futures {of} terrible times {to} our children, to grandsons, and to great grandsons.
Because yes {so} really by {through} these lies, which we accept today contributes {increases} to bad luck for us all, because Bible clearly announces, from whether we want whether we do not want we must again oneself to give birth and to participate in all events to end {finish} of world!

Lie loves all world!
The lie of world, religious world does not want to understand, from oneself God God Creator steel oneself our sacrifice {victim} to save us and to repurchase from this of sinful world. Protestant sects even do not want to hear, from God which created Sky {heaven} and Earth the Earths {the grounds} and which gave birth us dressing in earthly body {corpse} poured out behind us innocent blood Became {remained} tortured to death on Jewish Golgotha we would recognize Truth God's.

World and his all religions love force and seeks God threatening and strong, which it will kill their {them} enemies {opponents}. Little this just all literally all confess bloody, no vengeances of somebody who under many names pretends to be {gives} for God Parent Creator.

Corner sects added oneself also in slaveries of lie and did not notice they, from nobody from them does not know who is God Father and of who is his Beloved Son.
Do not accept they to knowledge, from all without exception whiches came before Mission Yours Jesus wanted to represent Yours God this {then} thieves and brigands
Nobody can {perhaps} understand yes {so} {of} of straight line {straight} thing, from God is Love and from it caused to nobody no harms. God Father never nobody deceived after desert and does not have nothing common with murders which one became {remained} provoked by {through} corner false religions and their {them} false Gods.

Why Poland is country of cheats and thieves?
In years 1990 to Polands came back of many people, whiches during of starts Of solidarity emigrated to corner States. Emigrants brought earned moneys in westerly states. Brought new technologies and wanted to found firms smaller {less} or greater businesses. Because emigrants tasted freedoms in democratic states did not want from these with states to lose {to execute} of contacts {sockets}. In 99 % founded they companies with one's own Polish brothers. What proved? Polish degenerate pseudo brothers all robbed. Oneself I experienced such pleasures, where partner I raked out {said openly} all moneys from bank and left me with debts and with criminal matters. Almost all we emigrants became {remained} plundered not only from money and first of all felt which one crumpled to our countrymen.

Answer is straight {straight line} in Poland reigns spirit {ghost}, lies and hypocrisies being born from of principle sources from Roman Catholic church, which filled own pocket in treasures this of world. Possesses own stations radio - and television - and having huge power and power befouling Of Poles in huge lies.

Virgin Mary who bore baby Jesus was (later) not one of his deciples and did not believe in the words of Jesus. Obviously she was aware of his God-given power for miracles but (maybe) she was not a devout apostle and follower like Paul or John. It is difficult to explain as she was maybe afraid of what the authorities would do to her other children and her family because of Jesus' ministry scared people in power and they were seeking to capture him.