Who satanic devil, satan is....?
More than six billion people live on the planet Earth, who in most cases are in endless conflict with each other due to religious, political, community or ideological. This great mass of people living on our planet does not take one fact into consideration, that is, they will all die off within the next, say, one hundred years and all their ideas, which have been their objective and purpose of life, will amount to next to naught.

Some percentage of people cannot hold back from doing evil, killing, maiming and waging wars in the name of one or other senseless ideology. These people will never understand that someone is manipulating their body and senses.

Definitely, we are manipulated! The question is, by whom and why? Why are we manipulated? Moses manipulates us and his angels.!

Who is manipulating us and making fools of us? Who is responsible for all these religions, majorities of which are pagan? Moses manipulates us and his angels..!

Whom do we give the permission to create unwarranted ideas and situations that occur in our lives even without knowing it? The answer is simple: Moses manipulates us and his angels..! We do not have contact with the spirit world, which is not perceptible by most people and which to some extent have the power to manipulate our reality. In this world we can differentiate human races, nationalities and traditions connected to them. There are huge numbers of Churches, sects and religions as well as diverse organizations, parties, clubs, associations, etc.

Mad rush of our diverse characters is shutting the way to mutual understanding. We fail to see, that our life will come to an end one day, and whatever we had done in our environment will amount to not.

Probably our descendants, (provided we are noticed for one thing or the other) will proclaim us heroes and build statutes in our names and doing so, might even fabricate stories to support the statute but only to create another myth to uphold the ruling class. (This is especially so in the old communist countries).

Is there any sense in our existence? It is not easy to answer this question even as we get to know the world surrounding us more; there are still lots of questions concerning sense of existence, objective life, our destiny etc. However, when we study different publication on history and religion, we can find answers to most of the questions.

A degree of truth is found in each religion, which we usually overlook.

People do not recognise the fact that it is love that we are created through love - the love of our God the Creator. The love of a Father, that wish above all to have us. Like every caring father, that wishes to be glad having his children around him, so does God wish to have with Himself forever.

God created us in His own image, endowing us with great intelligence like Him, and above all, He gave us His love. In short we were like God. We were all the same, loving and very happy.

God the father clothed us in the same body like His own, so we would not be jealous of each other. Everything was marvelous and just.

No one could be with a dress, that is, without a body, for this would have led to chaos, as it is on earth presently.

We are endowed with different characters as a spirit being, otherwise we would have been like lay - figures or dummies.

The tragedy of this world is that there people in normal bodies like we have, as well as spirit beings, which those in human body can not see. These spirit being without human bodies, do get into the bodies of their relatives, thereby disturbing their personality (I will elaborate on this issue at the later part of the preface).

The fatherly clothing we had in heaven made us happy because our heavenly is eternally happy. Everything was great, until one of us noticed that we all resembled one another, and this was to him disturbing. He wanted to be different, that is, according to him better than others did. A lot of questions, which no one had ever asked the Father, started to occur to him. He started to undermine his fellow brothers' personality by provoking and humiliating them. He  started to accuse them that they were foolish because they did not concern themselves with their bodies and that they could look differently.

He  (devilish Moses ) propagated disorder and he tormented people with questions like why can't one of us be God the Father? Why can't God the Father be our brother? Deliberately asking awkward questions he brought embarrassment to all, because he wanted attention. He (devilish Moses ) thought he was more intelligent and better than others were. In order to distinguish himself, he was raised himself. Causing confusion, this troublemaker and changeling got supporters, who like their leader did everything possible to differentiate themselves.

All these changelings are now on earth, each in different form. There are no two alike. Twins can be differentiated for they have diverse signs and features.

I state here categorically, that we (our spirits) originate from heavens and here in our earthly bodies sojourning, we became jealous, sarcastic and are encumbered with all sorts of negative features, which nowadays are particularly dominating. We become more and more unpleasant and without positive aspiration. More often our behaviour is leading us to no where. We join different religions only to bring in other when we have been fed with lies. Others however, are going up the ladder of hierarchy just to be popular or famous. They become public figures, boasting off in the media, whereas, when they are alone, they are faced with meanness and infirmity.

The so called mighty of this world, surrounded by their spiritual advisers (usually deceased people) confused individuals, who as they advance in age and physically inefficient, they only nose - dive. I would like to remind you, that our body is a gift from Our Father, the Creator, to us His children, of who we forget as usually, happens here on earth.

Now it is time to go back to the issue I mentioned above.

This is about spirit beings and spirits clothed in human body.

In some places, the Bible refers to man and the Son of Man as two different personalities. Man is undoubtedly a body in which there is human genetic record and the ability to improve with time, i.e., throughout our life on earth.

However, the Son of Man is a spirit being that came from heavenly planet and took on human body

At the same time, Son of Man, which had existed, having genetic record, which was given to it even as at the time when it had not received human body. At the moment of dressing up the spirit being in human body, its spirit memory is blocked. As we grow up, the blockade is reduced. This can be noticed in the adolescent age, when we start to seek answers to question relating to the existence of God.

The death of the Son of Man or that of man depicts the deletion of memory, which was recorded in our body on earth once and for all.

Spiritual death is also possible, which means that that evil has clung to our body and that the love of our Creator has left us completely.

There is yet another spiritual death, which occurs when we have the aptness or propensity to lies and fallacies.

In one word, if die in lies and move to the world beyond, we become evil spirits deceiving others. This world is full of lies and fallacies, because the price of hell and his soldiers, (false priests) who are constantly deceiving nations and individuals abound.

As a result, the cycle is closed. Those alive in human wish to be cleansed of lies to be able to return to God's kingdom. Unfortunately, they are denied this relief because they are constantly under the attack of deceiving spirits. And when these ones die having been deceived with lies and fallacies by the satanic agents, they too become oppressors in the world beyond, targeting mostly their living relatives.

In conclusion of the above, we can say one thing: unless we communicate with the dead, i.e. the spirits of those who once lived and clear up the fact that we are manipulated by ourselves and the leaders of satanic lies on earth, there will be no happiness nor peace.

How can we communicate with the spirit world?

It is easy: we need to start from ourselves, the living beings. We need to realise that spirit beings can enter our bodies, which can have positive or negative effects on our personalities.

In order to cleanse ourselves and have the right reason to contact the spirit world, we have to understand the true reason behind the coming of Christ and grasp the truth, which is to say, who is our God and Creator. Above all we must be able to comprehend the fact that only God the Father is our Saviour and He is the only one that can get us out of this dreadful system that abound on earth.

When we get to know the truth, we will spread it among all people that surround us. Even the spirits, which are disturbing and confusing us, as well as our relatives, will hear of it. Some will accept this good news, while some will not but go away from us and stop disturbing our lives.

This vicious cycle of life on earth is the work of a set of families who supposedly have thought up some religious myth and ideology. What is more, this same cycle is created and supported by nations, which having their stronghold in lies, are very dangerous to the salvation of humanity; and they do not realise that they are condemning God's great gift, which is our human body.

Religious war and misunderstanding among people is a sure way to extermination of our planet earth.

If you do not get the import of this message, the world will loose it chance of salvation forever.

God sure is coming back again and what will happen if He meets us in this present situation which can be compared only to "BABYLON".

I wish you a successful reading of my religious consideration and that you are able to understand my line thought to attain a substantial level of cleansing that will enable you to prepare for the meeting with our Father and Saviour Jesus.

Jack's translation

These people will never come to understand that 'someone' manipulates their minds and bodies. We are being manipulated! But by whom and for what reason? Why is someone controlling our minds and senses? Who do we credit our mass of different religions which are mostly Pagan-based? To who, unknowingly, do we afford mad ideas creating conflicts in our lives?

The answer is simple! We do not have contact with the spiritual-world which is imperceptible to most people and which governs some undisclosed portion of our reality. On earth we differentiate between races, nationalities, and the traditions associated with them. We have a tremendous quantity of churches, sects and religions and an abundance of organizations, political parties, associations and clubs.

The mad drive of our diverse personalities closes any chance for a mutual understanding. Most of us to do not consider the end of our existence and the inevitable fact that all we accomplished no longer serves us. Most people seem to think that they will live forever.

On the other hand its also not good to live constantly concerned with death and morbid fears. Life is for living. Unfortunately in this non-perfect world reality doesn't allow the freedom to live without such fears. If we achieve notability perhaps our descendants will honor us with a monument that will surely be falsified to undermine any right to authority. This tactic was popular in former communist regimes.

In recognition of understanding and connecting with this experience its difficult to answer questions relating to sense, our purpose in life, our fate etc; but when we scrutinize historic and religious we find many answers. In every religion there lies a truth which we don't always notice.

Love gave us birth, love of our God and of our father. The love of a father who fancied our birth. He like a good father blessed us with the joy of children as he too fancies us forever. God created us in his own image and provided us with a similar intelligence and grafted us with the ability to love. We are as God. We are basically self-sufficient mutually loving ourselves and can achieve happiness relatively easy.

God provided us with bodies much like his to curtail jealousy.

All this was righteous and wonderful. In God's kingdom no one can be 'undressed' without body (flesh) because similar chaos would occur as exists on Earth. As spiritual persons we are different characters otherwise we would become like mannequins.

On Earth are people with bodies like the ones we now occupy.

However in addition there are spiritual beings whose embodiment is unseen and thus creates a great global tragedy.

Spiritual persons unseen in human form incarnates of our neighbors bodies with the ability of disturbing their individuality.

A theme which I will touch upon at the conclusion of the preface. Our fathers 'clothes' which we had in Heaven made us happy because our Father God is eternally happy. All was splendid until at one point one of God's sons became dissatisfied with our similarities and that began to hinder him. He wanted to be better than the others. He began to ask different questions never before asked of God. He provoked his brothers and destroyed their individualities by humiliating them.

He began accusing them of a lack of intelligence, because they were uninterested in other topics. Perhaps they should want to look different or be better. He proliferated trouble and oppressed with questions. Questions like why isn't one of us God? Why isn't God our brother? Using purposely awkward questioning he introduced them all to embarrassment, garnishing attention to himself. He (devilish Moses ) prepared to be more intelligent and overall better. He (devilish Moses ) wanted to swagger and be separate from the others. He (devilish Moses ) caused confusion, finding others by his side who also dreamed of falling out of ranks with God.

Now all the troublemakers are on Earth and everyone is different Moses manipulates us and his angels..!.

Even identical twins have different personalities. Thus one can conclude that our souls originate in Heaven and within our Earthly bodies learn jealousy, harshness and soon become burdened with negative traits and features. A trend which dominates most of today's societies. We become unpleasant without affirmative aspirations. More often than not do we engage in senseless conduct. We join Religious groups seasoned with lies and attract others as well.

Others clamor on lands of hierarchy striving to be more famous.

Unfortunately later, when old age and solitude set in they yearn to acknowledge their past. Memories usually tainted with lies and sins.

No one man lives forever! Donned great and larded with spiitual advisors coqueted and close to the end of earthly life, we become more inefficient, and ever closer to a 'hole'. I remind all, that our bodies are a gift from God our Creator presented for us as his own children which fell in love with earthly life and forgot about our Father in heaven. I will return to a theme which I mentioned earlier: Spiritual beings and spiritual beings clothed in human form. In some parts of the Bible "man' and 'son of man' qualify as two different entities. Man is undoubtedly a body with a human genetic record and possessor of an ability of improvement through the course of his life.

"Son of man' is a spiritual being which comes from heaven and comes equipped with mans flesh. "Son of man' refers to a being that has already existed possessing a mental record which one received prior to birth. In the time of 'clothing' himself in man's flesh his spiritual memory became blocked. Over time as we grow older our recollection of spiritual memories diminish. We first notice this in youth when we begin to seek answers on questions about God. Our death of the physical body cancels all memories remanded in our flesh which is referred to as the earthly life. There also exists a spiritual death, which occurs when we adhere to evil and stopped loving our God Creator.

There is also another type of spiritual death that occurs when we acquire inclinations of deception and falsehood.

Speaking straight and to the point, being in mendacity and passing to the world of the living dead we become bad spirits (ghosts), who have the propensity to deceive others. In the world there are many lies, because within the world of the dead spiritual beings are forced to lie, under the authority of their Prince of lies Moses and his angels. Moses manipulates all nations and all people. So the incorrect circle is closed. Those who dwell in bodies want to be cleared from lies and return to God.

Unfortunately many never experience this blessed relief because they are inhabited by deceiving spirits and souls.

When living persons who developed evil traits die, they become oppressed within other spirit bodies usually coming in contact with neighbors who are not dead yet.

Summing up the aforementioned considerations, we can say that without contact with the world of the dead, we become manipulated by ourselves and the leaders of satanic lies on earth. Thus never being able to exist in peace and happiness. How can we contact the world of the dead? Its easy, first lets begin with ourselves a man dwelling within a body. We must understand we have the capability of being inhabited by spiritual creatures commonly referred to as spirits and ghosts, who can either help or hinder our own individualities.

To be clear and have the proper purpose of contacting the spiritual world, we must first recognize the real aim of the Mission of Christ and understand whom is our true God and creator. We must realize that only God Our Father is our savior and only he can deliver us form this infernal system, which reigns on the earth. When we recognize the truth we will be overcome to spread it among people and spiritual beings who constantly surround us. Spirits and ghosts who in the past hindered and manipulated our neighbors and us will understand the truth as well. Some will accept our remittance and will immediately stop poisoning our existence!

Earthly life creates clans and families which produce their own cultures and beliefs. It is created within all nations, whose lies are fixed and create dangerous misunderstandings. Misunderstandings that lead to future judgments at the time of death in this present life which was presented to us by our Creator, God.

Wars, turmoil and differences in religions are a sure road to the death of our planet! If you do not attempt to understand what I am writing about then the world may never get a chance to be saved. God will assuredly visit us again and what happens when he witnesses the same events that occurred at the time of "Babylon"? I ask you to please carefully read my considerations and try to follow and understand my reasoning, in order to attain a suitable level of cleansing, in order to prepare for the meeting with our savior Creator.