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Sorry to disturb you. I'm looking for my friends to help them find their way in this hypocritical world.
I'm not trying to create some kind of religion, church or cult. There are enough crooks in current religious organizations. They don't even know who is the True God, the Creator Father. In a way I kind of believe in reincarnation and I'm fully familiar issue. In my understanding it is not like Hinduism, but in a way similar. I did not belong to any religion, church or any sect although at one time I analyzed their knowledge and I have come to the conclusion that they manipulate people, giving no hope of knowing any truth.
According to my undertaking, my acquaintances recognize me. They feel my presence from their memories. They recognize me in the logical words contained words in my messages from reliable sources.
Perhaps I have wrongly singled out your Person as my acquaintance and you will think that I am manipulating in order to to make friends with you. Well, not at all! You can not to continue reading my letter and I will not offended. Only be moderate in your approach to the  the event of our casual acquaintance and be a gentleman who will not proverbially throw with mud.
So that anyone, as the Bible says. of you that the splendid pearls of my knowledge, I have thrown a pig under the feet of a pig. For the time being I greet you warmly!
However, if I came across a soul mate. Hello Brother! Hello Sister! Hello Friend! Perhaps like me once, you are searching for the answer to who the True God is. Perhaps you are lost in the confusion of the world's lies and are looking for someone who can help you solve your problems. Without wasting time I would like to stimulate your imagination that everything that has happened in the universe as well as on our Earth always had some kind of beginning. After the beginning of some event was followed by another, which also had its beginning and so on and so forth. In order to create in your imagination the Being of our God the Father Creator we must absolutely... accept that He is the beginning of all Life that existed in the universe. In the beginning the universe was empty.
There was no intelligent Life in it until until the first Intelligent Living Word came into existence. It built upon itself for billions of years creating a pattern of issues, questions, topics, and questions, themes, and answers to become the First Intelligent Spiritual Consciousness consisting of an unimaginable number of Words, codes, symbols that have existed in the universe. As we look at ourselves, let us recall the development of your own Spiritual Being who, from a young child... learned new words and new issues in order to to behave correctly in human life. Childlike intelligence acquired more and more words, logical analysis and knowledge to build its own Spiritual Consciousness. The body, in a sense, accompanied him on his journey to enlightenment of his Spiritual Consciousness, but it existed But it only existed for the duration of his short life.
The human body is a memory container of everything that happened to it. Unfortunately, during the death of the body all records are lost. It happened that some human beings human beings have remembered events from previous lives. Generally speaking, the body is a visual factor of your personality. However, if you build in your imagination that undoubtedly your Intelligent Life began with Someone, a fundamental question will arise in your logic. Question: Whom can we select in our imagination, so that this Being becomes our God, the Father of Eternity? Most importantly, to try to communicate the truth to our loved ones and others and logically explain to them and prove to them that this is the absolute Truth. 
Mankind over the millennia has invented a multitude of gods without derogating the human beings who have self-proclaimed claiming to be them. We are left with our imagination to logically figure out who could logically portray the Creator to us. We must create in our imagination the fact that there must have been a Second Being, the beginning of an independent Second New Life. At some point, we will be told that there must have been a Second, New Spiritual Being, cloned from the First to form the beginning of a New Second Life! The Bible calls it the Only Begotten Son.
The question immediately arises: Why did the Bible call the Spiritual Being, the Only Begotten Son? Probably the event of the coming into existence of the only begotten Son in the likeness of our Creator was in a sense a surprise and novelty to Him.  He could not foresee the consequences of His decision, which could complicate further future events.
The Creator was very zealous in preparing the Son for millions of years so that He would understand that He came into existence through His Father. He probably swore to Himself that such an event would never happen again! He realized that there could be a conflict of explanation between Who is really the He realized that by next cloning His Spiritual Consciousness, there could be a conflict in explaining who the Creator Father really is, and who His Only Begotten Son is, as well as who the Spiritual Consciousnesses we are. In the entire universe there are countless Spiritual Consciousnesses or Souls embodied in various organisms. This begs the question; where did they come from? There is only one answer! It is difficult to understand and describe, but most probably they were cloned in their order, from the Spiritual Consciousness of the Only Begotten Son of our Creator.
This would have preserved a hierarchical order that could have been maintained indefinitely, had it not been for one of the Creator's degenerate Sons, specifically our brother, who cleverly brought death to the entire universe. Death had never been known, and it was this death, through a deadly virus, that destroyed the First Kingdom of our Father Creator. As a result of this tragedy, almost every living organism in which the eternally living Spiritual Consciousnesses were embodied died. In the course of time, the dead organisms turned into inanimate matter, of which all planets are now composed. Various intelligent civilizations were created on them in the distant past. In later times, because of the degenerate son of perdition, whom the Bible calls the devil, some planets throughout the cosmos  have been ruined, by wars and devastating cataclysms, becoming without organic life.
The story is confusing and a book could be written about it. However, let's leave the gruesome events behind and look for evidence to find our God, the Creator Father. If we look logically at the biblical information where the Son of God was called the Only Begotten. Immediately a picture emerges in our imagination that the begotten Son from the Creator Father became a unique One Being who from the time of His existence has an absolute resemblance to His Father. Never again has such a phenomenon occurred without a conflict of events and understanding of Who really is our God, the Creator Father, and Who is His only begotten Son. This miraculous occurrence of the cloning of a Spirit Being from His Father gave all living Beings the absolute testimony mentioned in the Bible. It was borne in His mission by the Only Begotten Son of our Creator - Jesus! In the Gospel of John it is clearly written about this.
Probably the Creator in various times and in various civilizations tried to show the Truth and Himself as Almighty God, the Creator of Life which existed in the universe. At the turn of billions of years there were beings who understood the Divine Truth and knew what Eternal Life was all about. From them arose beginning of the formation of the New Kingdom of our Eternal Father Creator! Taking advantage of this chance, the Creator sent to Earth enlightened and very believing Beings who would help lead the then living people out of the lie. The Creator Father used these enlightened Beings to create the chosen Jewish people. He announced through certain Jewish prophets of His personal coming to the Earth and will use His Only Begotten Son for this mission.
The Creator wanted to introduce mankind to all Truth, including the historical events that have occurred since beginning of Life in the universe. Unfortunately The Jews invented a false religion headed by an invented non-existent devilish Moses. Their religious fanaticism has outdone themselves!
Instead of welcoming and reverence to welcome their Creator, they contributed ignominiously to the crucifixion of their Creator Father along with His only begotten Son. Mankind at that time focused their attention on the fleshly appearance of the Son of Man, whom they took for a usurper and crucified Him.
The question is: Why did the Creator decide on such a dangerous undertaking to reveal Himself in the flesh of the Son of Man? Why was it so important for the inhabitants of Earth to know the Creator and His beloved only begotten Son?
For billions of years after the terrible tragedy of the destruction of the First Kingdom of our Creator Father, various planets were formed. On some of them civilizations were formed. They gave Souls in terrible conditions an existence in mortal organisms that were unlawfully evolved by the son of perdition. In this system there was a process of life after life. Souls participated in deadly repetitive lives in bestial organisms that continually evolved into various wild animals. The same is true on Earth today!
After a very difficult and hard struggle, the Creator has increasingly ennobled various civilizations with intelligence, and in them the animal organisms and Spiritual Consciousnesses or Souls have been ennobled. The Creator aimed to heal and bring into Truth the ailing Souls, to incarnate them in Eternal Living Bodies and take them into His Kingdom. The Only Begotten Son testified that He was with the Father.  And God the Father the Creator testified of His Son, that He speaks the Truth. Most of the civilizations that existed in the universe and on Earth ended in failed. Only some Spiritual Beings have succeeded to cleanse themselves of the lies in hopes of liberating themselves from eternally repeating death.
Similarly as on planet, the beings living there in their civilizations achieved modern technology. The perverts used them for wars, destroying each other and even destroying other Planets. The perverts were leading to the annihilation of all living organisms leading to the end of the civilizations of that time. The same is happening on our Earth! If someone manages to get out from under the yoke of the eternally repeating death, he obtains Eternal Life in immortal Bodies and has a chance to reincarnate in the Kingdom of our Creator!
Think! Has it ever happened that any of the false gods or pseudo-saints would sacrifice their only begotten Son and themselves to crucifixion for our salvation? Think! What person would it pay to manipulate mankind with lies, sacrificing his only begotten Son and himself Himself to be crucified?
Think! Which one of these bandit gods and pseudo holy bastards would give himself to death to take us all away from this death-burning world?
Think! Who would risk Himself and His Son to free us from the degenerates who love to repeat wars?
Think! Who among these pseudo-gods in whom mankind believes would free us from the hoodlums who create tragedies, wars and deadly diseases by creating evil and hatred just to be in power!
Any logical human being should look at the fact crucifixion of the Creator and His Son for our Salvation, that it is a true act of Mercy, and above all an absolutely Logical Miraculous Plan that our Father has devised. Some people's understanding of truth is very opportunistic! Especially in the degenerate Spiritual Consciousnesses who like sensational theories. They are susceptible to lies, and even create them themselves!
They love the false slander of the Body of Jesus Christ in in which were incarnated Two Spiritual Beings, the Creator and the Son. They invent hypocritical false theories in order to destroy the Truth. Religious lunatics have created a false Queen of Heaven - the Black Madonna and a host of pseudo holy deceivers to divert mankind from the Truth.  They have sullied with lies all messages from the Creator and His only begotten Son! They act to destroy the reputation of our Creator and His Only Son! We see a lot of degenerate human beings in society.
There are even people among them who look very religious, but their fanaticism can be as deadly as the Israeli Jews who led to the crucifixion of the Creator and His Beloved Son!
Jewish religious fanaticism has unbelievably outdid themselves. To this day they persist in their murderous ideology by which they would kill any person as they did Moses, Hitler and the present day terrorist Muslims. Look how many lives were lost during the creation of false religions. A lot of people died because of the false religion of Moses and the false Jewish idol Yahweh. Plenty died at the hands of Muhammad with the deadly Allah in the forefront. This continues to this day, where various Mohammedan religions are spreading terrorism all over the world. The false Asian Buddha, the Indochinese Harry Krishna are sowing terrorism and fighting. Thousands of varieties of different demonic impostors that mankind has mindlessly followed and is following have led to the death of scores of innocent people.
Many hoodlums, even in Protestant religions have taken the lives of innocent people. Because of our Creator Father and His only begotten Son except Judas, who willingly this fate! Of course the degenerates associate our Creator with Christianity, which also created their religion in violence and terrorism. They do not take into that the Creator and His only begotten Son did not did not represent Christianity or any religion and had no intention of creating new ones. They only wanted to convey the Truth to stop the continuation and maintenance of any religion because they lie. If you carefully study the Gospel of John and other Biblical you will find your Creator Father!
You will see this at the baptism of the Son of Man, when the Spiritual Being of our Creator became incarnate in the Body of Christ. Also at the moment when the crucified Body of Christ was moribund approaching death. At that moment the Spiritual Being of our Creator Father left it. This biblical fact informed us in the desperate cry of the Son, crying out - Father, Father why hast thou forsaken me? There are some brilliant Bible verses that drove me insane for years. I could not understand what the author of those verses meant when I could not see how the Son of God could point me to the Creator.
I will admit that I prayed in my mind that the Son would not take power away from His Father. I could not imagine to imagine them as Spiritual Beings in the Catholic in the Catholic style, as real visible bodies.

Luke chapter 10 verse 22.
All things have been handed down to me by my
Father, and no one knows who the Son is except the
Father; And no one knows who the Father is except
the Son and whomever the Son Son wants to reveal it to.

About forty years passed. The answers to my prayers muddled my reason in various ways for not understanding the above verse. I had confusion in my imagination! Finally, the answer to my prayers came and I found my Creator Father and His only begotten Son in the body of the Son of Man Jesus Christ. The Risen Christ is the The Ever-Living Temple! Two Spiritual Beings are incarnate in Him. Spiritual. The Essence of our Creator Father and His Beloved Only Begotten Son!

John 8 verses 35, 36.
And the slave does not abide in the house
forever, but the Son abides forever. So if the
Son sets you free then you will be truly free.

The Creator Father and His Son are still
waiting, until the world knows the truth!
It is a pity that mankind sees itself as a body and does not realize that they are Spiritual Consciousnesses or Souls dressed in animal bodies. clothed in animal bodies. Nevertheless, only an incarnate Soul in an intelligent human body has the chance to reach enlightenment and obtain Eternal Life! Send the message to our other sisters and brothers and let them also find their true Creator Father! If you are able to translate from Polish to your native language more information on the website: www.infomega.pl