Countless readers of the Bible do not approach the Revelations to John (specifically Chapter 13) with the adequate serious-mindedness required to reflect on this particular portion of the book which shows the dragon as it transfers its power to the beast.

I can't emphasize enough how important this prophecy's theme is, which shows a specific major satanic strategic maneuver, where in portraying himself as an adversary to God actually is assuming the role of the Lord Almighty.

Satan (devilish Moses) will sacrifice millions of human lives, and will render everything in his power to try and ensure that deception and evil prevail over good and righteousness, which seems to be in short supply nowadays, on earth.

Inhabitants of many free and democratic governments take for granted, that they are ensnared in a deadly trap, and are enshrined in a terrible state of jeopardy.

This danger lies in the destruction of freedom and democracy, which according to them is a luxury so

great, but dims in comparison with that which God offers, in return for faith and belief in Him.

The dragon transfers his reign and might (Revelation Chapter 13 verse 2).

The rule of the dragon transfers from nation to nation.

Many civilizations in their commandments and constitutions judged that the reign of the Lord prevails over their nations.

Over many thousands of years, a great many empires and civilizations, not to mention innumerable small nations, have tried to come close to the Truth of God and his existence. Inevitably, as we know from our investigations and research, nearly all of their written records of such quests have become lost or hidden.

What is this motivating force of destruction in this Quest?

Many scholars erroneously identified this force as God the creator.

In due time the day of recognition will be immense, in order to know definitively what is happening in those given situations.

People will understand, that all religions, churches, cults, sects, were left worshipping some lost son (God's Angel) adorned in grace (Godlike body).

By functioning with God-like power, the destroyer creates the illusion of God but in reality is the opponent to his Creator, because he ruins and stains the true reputation of God's name using it to propel and initiate religious fallacy (Isaiah Chapter 10 Verse 20).

Returning to the subject of the aforementioned prophecy it would appear, that such complex and interwoven texts and confusion, would seem nearly impossible to unravel and solve; but not for me. I receive, almost on a daily basis numerous explanations to various problems and timeless riddles and their solutions are not only mystical instructions but logically weighed and analyzed are amazingly accurate when measured with sound reasoning.

Now, I explain the prophecy of the Revelation in the transfer of power from the dragon and the reign of the beast.

For hundreds of years dragon-satan (devilish Moses) ruling on the east seeing Christianity unfold in Europe decides to move his throne on the field of battle known as Europe and had established his new residence in Italy, within the confines of the Vatican. Since satan (devilish Moses) had a great deal of trouble to introduce his dragon cults in Europe he used a similar trick as he did in Babylonian times.

His plan was to deceive pseudo-Christianity under the figure of the iconic painting of Madonna with child, which symbolizes (and is stunningly identical at a distance) the painting of the dragon in the sect Hare Krishna. Since Madonna is a lie because she doesn't exist, she eventually comes to symbolize the Dragon, who is the great deceiver.

The false Madonna already appeared in a similar likeness as the original embodiment of the dragon with dragon child in Eastern religions, who was worshipped for thousands of years and worshipped to this day (These real paintings can be seen on my free and uninterrupted internet page and websites one of which is

It is in this fashion that European Christianity was left, as in the words of Christ plagued with an "acid". Lies manipulated and suggested by the cunning and boundless strategies of satan's (devilish Moses) imaginativeness.

Meanwhile on other battlefields there was formed a new American civilization turned superpower within which was formed a new Christian system that had nothing in common with the European Vatican. Satan (devilish Moses), seeing full well that he was unable to introduce the governing principle of the dragon to European nations like in the Indo Chinese countries, and angered by the birth of a rejuvenated surge of Christianity in America, left his entire range of power with the Vatican popes. Through their fanatical followings and popularity he was enabled to let his satanic lies perpetuate and thrive. But, in retaliation he lay a foundation in South America to oppose this Christian surge. Satan (devilish Moses), after settling and engraining himself within much of American society encountered yet another rising adversary in the Protestant church, which were quite vocal and exposed many ideosyncracies in the Vatican's lies and intensifies yet another form of Christianity.

The American borders, not under any dictatorship of false religion, became somewhat safeguarded and resulted in an efflorescence.

Satan systematically, through various events on the world and American continents kept helping in creating and inspiring false religions, and to great lengths the Catholic churches, who in the American sections are widely exposed for lack of true morals and scandals like child molestation by clergy members and constantly experience resistance in surging forward.

In opening up and relaxing their borders to the world, there was a mass influx of immigration which included Jews among others, who under the reason of persecution had to flee from Europe.

Jews quickly and powerfully settled in America and as usual, due to their uncanny talent for financial organization aided in raising a tremendous fortune, so they could later stake a claim to power as to their accomplishments.

Since the Christian uprising also seemed to conflict with the Jews resurgence, they used what leverage they had available, to undermine Christian knowledge with dogma, like the fact that Yahweh is the son of Christ which is an absolute lie. It is at that time that the "acid" of a now different form of Judaism diluted somewhat the Christian movement and satan was able to concoct another disruption in the deception which posed Yahweh as the father of Jesus which is also as stated a complete absurdity.

Satan (devilish Moses) didn't cease here, and began more so with assisting in the development of pagan religions, which flood American culture to this day but was supposed to be the final attempt at creating a form of pure Christianity on Earth.

The preposterous attacks performed by terrorist Muslims lowered the American essence to the point of nakedness.

On September 11 the pagan spirit encapsulated within Islam killed thousands of people and destroyed the World Trade Center.

Even though such a tragedy ensued, I fear that the American Government still fails to truly realize its cataclysmic position.

It could be perhaps that under the provocation of "American democracy" satan is unable to effectively undermine the destruction of the pure Christian movement through pagan religions and catholic-based religions, who have poisoned by about 95% , the real missions of Christ!

However many different occurrences still threaten to infiltrate the new generations due to the fact that each successive generation is less and less interested in God.

The American Government fails to realize how important, that they must intervene at some point in the future of their youth or suffer the consequences of the mistakes they now commit.

They do not believe, regardless of what they want, they must be reborn again.

(Gospel John Chapter 3 verse 7)

Organized Crime, complete moral degradation, chaos and lawlessness are some basic goals of the satan-dragon (devilish Moses), who will not stop until it achieves a complete destruction of American society and returns to its rightful, desired throne, which is currently in China.

The Chinese nation is currently the oldest existing civilization and the most observant and compliant to satans (devilish Moses) religions (most people unknowingly so)

Its culture suggests the closest link to the prophecies of the dragon and it doesn't appear to be anything diminishing this upsurgance.

The wonderful devilish "Chariot" as described in biblical prophecies, is preparing to take satan to his favorite place, who slowly but surely is fortifying its stranglehold gaining financial, spiritual, and militaristic gains, but which will lead the Earth into an unforeseen catastrophe.

If America doesn't recognize and cleanse its borders and bring order within its confines by ridding itself of Non-Christian religions and consequently change some of the appropriate policies or engage the proper intervention, it will show that the entire accomplishments and endeavors and sacrifice that led to the spilling of our Lord Jesus' blood and inevitable end on the Jewish mountain of Golgotta.

I now respectfully add the following, you have the choice of finding this astounding and unbelievable, looking at the current state of affairs in the United States. America was to be the dwelling place of God. Now your logic should counter with the fact that wherever God wants to establish something, satan strives hard to destroy it.

The entire world will be flooded by the servants of the dragon-beast, assuming the role of world domination into their hands. This, is where satan will take great pride in charging God's people, that they are an flawed creation of God, whom by their stupidity and inability to use their talents properly where unable to maintain a world order or achieve their mission of life.

If you believe in the undeniable return of Christ then also believe that the place of his return is already predetermined and it would not appear to be America nor Europe, unless there should be some cleansing of souls in the future.

On this earth there is an assortment of religions, all fighting against each other.

It is a constant turmoil that defies logic and the will of a benevolent creator that created life. These are only events to distract away from the truth, in order to arm and give power to the servants of dragon-satan (devilish Moses). Recent examples include the Muslim crisis, the enshrining of the dragon as a symbol of great power in Asian religions, the confusion of the pope. Let us always remember where the dragon is concerned, religion is used as a tool to confuse and intercede.

If you still have doubts or need more advanced explanations please check my internet pages.

In Conclusion I would like to explain that, that the aforementioned is by no means an attack on the Chinese nation, but it is the desire of satan and his legion of servants that want to use them for their purposes. This has happened in many other nations including Poland and its worship of the Madonna. Many people don't realize that a great portion of the evil-spirit world (there is also an opposing good side) preys on humans manipulating them like marionette puppets in order to accomplish his goals and intentions. It is up to the individual to decipher and objectively understand my prophetic statements and act accordingly with returning or connecting with their Creator the Lord Jesus Almighty, whose name already is soiled. His name, "The Almighty God" gradually loses refinement and the divine exquisite symmetry that a flurry religions have contrived. These nefarious doctrines have blurred the truth and sickened truly good beings and potentially worthy human beings into casting away all positive reflections on His personage while on earth.