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Try to strain your mind and in your imagination find the evidence of the manifestation of our Creator and His only begotten Son in the body of Jesus Christ. Perhaps from that moment the whole Truth of what our life is all about will open up to you in the vast chaos that is happening on Earth!

In the world of religion, many false gods and false prophets have been falsely revealed and people who said they saw or heard the voice of our Creator. None of these people have ever presented the essential truth that there is someone as important as the Only Begotten Son of our Creator and eternally united Spiritually with Him. This means that all of them before the revelation of Jesus Christ were lying!

Gospel of John chapter 9 verse 8.
All who came before me are thieves and robbers, and the sheep have not obeyed them.

The Bible, although not an authority for many to arrive at the truth, has shown us in a very clear way in our imagination that the fact of the existence of the only-begotten Son of our Creator is undoubtedly true, and above all logical!
The Father bears witness to the Son! And the Son bears witness to the Father as our Creator, the Almighty King of the whole universe.

Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 18.
Behold, I bear witness of myself, and the Father who sent me bears witness of me.

It is only through our Creator and His only-begotten Son that each of us, on the basis of our imagination, can arrive at the absolute truth to understand how life and intelligence came into being.
Even the greatest deceivers like Moses and Muhammad did not have the truth about the Creator Father and, above all, His only-begotten Son! They created false religions in order to achieve absolute power over the deceived Arabs.
As I have previously written that every event has a beginning. The beginning of Intelligent Life was the Creator and undoubtedly the Second Person that existed in the universe was His Firstborn Son, whom the Bible calls the Only Begotten!
The deceivers did not associate the Father with the Only-begotten Son and did not show their Spiritual Unification, which is Almighty with immense power of authority!
In the Gospel of John it is accurately described that the Father bears witness to the Son, while the Son bears witness to the Father by showing in the body of Christ our Creator Father Almighty.
I realizes that no one is able to believe my account of the Creator Father and His only-begotten Son if they do not deny and forcefully force this fact into their imagination.
It is written in the Bible that all without exception are to have a covered understanding of the mysterious Truth of our Creator Almighty.
The same is true of our computers. If they are encrypted with some password they cannot be made to work. Once the password is entered, the computer gives us full scope to understand all the applications and programs in it to perform the intended purpose.

Gospel of Luke chapter 9 verses 21, 22.
At that very moment Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said: I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and prudent, and revealed them to simple men. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.
My Father has communicated all things to me. Nor does anyone know who the Son is, but the Father; nor who the Father is, but the Son and he to whom the Son wishes to reveal.

Note the above verse, which clearly states that some encoded energy in all bodies blocks the knowledge of the truth about the Creator and His Only Begotten Son.
Only our Soul or Spiritual Consciousness through its positive deeds can acquire the password to the key to unlock the blockage to remove it.
I am sure that the Creator has allowed the truth to be covered up in order to reveal it to all in due course. Doubtless then there will be a judgment on those who, disowned, without any mercy whatsoever, did not react that the world crucified their Creator together with His Beloved, the Only-begotten Son. In doing so, they have passed judgment on themselves!
I do not resent anyone for this, that no one believes in my messages and takes me frivolously.
As I once mentioned our Souls or Spiritual Consciousnesses are in a rather severe state of mental illness. It is difficult for them to comprehend in a simple way what I have described in my books.
We have a Corporeal Consciousness, which was given to us by our Creator to teach us love and mercy in order to distinguish what is good from evil. Our Spiritual Consciousness, having found the password to the key written in the Body, will open the Truth and we will achieve victory.

I cannot describe what happened in my case that the Beloved Son of our Creator revealed to me Who is our Creator and Who is Himself. I had been searching for answers to many questions for several decades and had found a hypothetical key phrase to victory. Everything suddenly opened up clearly to me and I clearly understood a huge part of the truth of our Almighty. The message is continually being completed almost every day.

Matthew chapter 12 verse 12.
For whosoever hath, to him shall be added, and he shall have an exceeding abundance; but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away also that which he hath.

In our time, the media flood us with masses of information about events of the past. They brainwash people about the events of ancient aliens. This state of affairs distances us more and more from the Creator and His only begotten Son. People are interested in the past events of the media ancient aliens. They do not take into account that these were the times of the rule of the degenerate, whom they call the devil or Satan. Past events have no value as to the future that awaits us.
We are now living in times of fulfillment of the prophecy of the coming Kingdom of our Creator to save the inhabitants of the Earth.
As recently as two thousand years ago, a devilish degenerate had access to the Kingdom of the Almighty. Possessing immense knowledge and power, he played with our animal bodies and our Spiritual Consciousnesses bringing them to immense psychological destruction.
Let us summarizes what specifically was created in our imagination.
Since there is incontrovertible proof that there was a First Person in the whole universe who gave birth to a Second Person as an Only Son who united Spiritually with His Father. It is in our imagination that the image of the Two-Person Face of our Almighty God, who has power over all things, must arise!

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 9.
Jesus answered him, Philip, I have been with you so long, and you have not yet come to know Me? He who has seen Me has also seen the Father. Why then do you say, Show us the Father?

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 10.
Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? These words which I speak to you I do not utter from myself. The Father who abides in Me, He alone does these works.

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 11.
Believe in Me that I am in the Father and the Father in Me. But if not - believe at least for the sake of the works themselves.

Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 30.
I and the Father are one.

The above verses have two pieces of information encoded in them, where one assures us that the Creator Father and the Son are united together Spiritually. The other informs us that unexpectedly there will come a day where our Spiritual Consciousness will be embodied in a Body similar to Jesus Christ. Interestingly this is to happen imperceptibly and instantaneously. It will happen in an unexpected moment, where we will only realizes after a while that we are no longer who we were before.
An interesting point, until it is hard to imagine how it will happen!

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 20.
On that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me and I in you.

After such clearly presented biblical information, the question arises: Why has no one, in terrible grief and despair, raised the issue by showing the world that not only was the Son crucified, but our Creator Father was also crucified?
These tormented and crucified Beings as Spiritual Persons were incarnated in the Body of the Son of Man in Jesus Christ!

When you read about this terrible event, you cannot imagine in what terrible torment the Creator Father and His Son tried to communicate the Truth to us. Today, over this misfortune no one is able to weep and believe that such a thing could have happened!

What is happening? No one for 2000 years reading the Gospel of John's message took into account such a terrible act committed by the inhabitants of the Earth, crucifying their Creator?

Since this terrible event, a new era of our civilisation has begun. The Creator in the world created super modernity, which not only relieved human life but, thanks to the new media technology, gave the possibility to recognizes logical truths.

Despite the fact that we have wonderful technology, why have we not so far recognized this tragic truth that the world has crucified its Creator? Could it be that our Spiritual Consciousnesses, because of lies and insensitivity, are striving to live again in animal bodies or self-perdition?

For tens of thousands of years humanity lived in terrible conditions and terrible darkness. Today we have enlightenment and no one has realized that we Spiritual Consciousnesses are created in the Spiritual likeness of our Creator and not in the image of human Flesh!  We have raised a murderous hand against our Creator Father!

How do you think, is this indifferent to the whole Kingdom of our Creator?

The Catholics and the Orthodox have created a false Madonna that features the image of the Indian dragon Harry Krishna in the theme of their images. They have created in the foreground the image of the dragon through the false worship of the Madonna and the little child casting the Creator to the background so that His creative thought of saving the world is lost.

Protestants have in their song books 90 per cent of the songs dedicated to the unknown Jesus supposedly the son of the Jewish Yahweh. Also, they sing ten per cent to a bandit false Yahweh.
For the True Creator there is nothing!
Protestants who have seceded from Catholicism, instead of freeing themselves from the degenerate devil, have begun to passionately adhere to the devilish Jewish bloody Yahweh and the invented devilish Moses, thinking that this is enough for them for Eternal Salvation!
The rest of the world sits in the power of false gods and demigods. False prophets and false pseudo-saints as mere liars have mentioned nothing in their messages about the Creator and His only-begotten Son, who are forever united in every action that happens in the whole universe.
Could it be that the world has lost its reason and the chance for the salvation of eternal life?
The world is plunged into a deadly matrix through which it cannot perceive the truth that the central Person of the Plan of Salvation, who is our Creator, is being underestimated. Almost all of us are like living corpses, instead of approaching the truth, being grateful to the Father, who is the most important in the plan of our salvation, we have chosen lies and eternal death, instead of Eternal Salvation.
Even the Only-Begotten Son of our Creator unequivocally declares that He is only a servant obeying His Father:

Gospel of John 15 verse 20.
Remember the word that I said to you: A servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they have kept my word, they will also keep yours.

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 28.
You have heard that I said to you: I am going away and will come again to you. If you loved Me, you would rejoice that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I am.

The Bible evidently informs us in many places that the Creator is the most important Person in the whole universe. But the Father and the Son are always united Spiritually and form One Person of Almighty Power! The Only-begotten Son attests to us that only He can point us to the Creator Father and no one else!
So they are all liars, thieves and robbers who have created false gods for their own purposes to manipulate others!
Such are the current religions, churches and sects because they have not recognized in the Son of Man Jesus Christ their Creator!

Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 10.
Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me? These words which I speak to you I do not utter from myself. The Father who abides in Me, He alone does these works.

Gospel of John chapter 7 verse 16
Jesus answered them saying, My doctrine is not mine, but of Him who sent me.

Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 18.
Behold, I bear witness of Myself, and the Father who sent Me bears witness of Me.

Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 29.
And he that sent me is with me: he hath not left me alone, for I do always that which pleases him.

We have plenty of examples in the Bible that logically inform us that our Creator was crucified along with His Son. Could it be that this terrible shame overwhelms only me? No one is sensitive to the agonies of the Creator and His Son, who went through such terrible tragedies to show us our Eternal Salvation. The Creator set the example in the resurrected body of the Son of Man Jesus Christ that death can be overcome. The Creator experienced the sensation of death and overcame it for us. He showed that there is Eternal Life in Christ-like Bodies where we will never again experience the sensation of death!
Please empathizes with my situation, it is as if I were on a desert island myself.
The revelation in John's Gospel very logically and clearly shows us that the world has not only crucified the only-begotten Son of God but the Creator Himself. But no one accepts this fact and terrible event. Why does this truth sensitizes only me and no one else?

The following verses emphatically reveal the presence of the Creator Father incarnate in the Body of Christ where the Spiritual Incarnate Being of the Son of God resided.

Gospel of Luke chapter 3 verses 21, 22.
When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was also being baptized. And while He was praying, the heavens opened.
And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, in bodily form like a dove, and a voice was heard from heaven: Thou art my beloved Son, in Thee I am well pleased.

All religious hypocrisy has given the devil's degenerates a chance to muddle people's minds so that it will never be seen that the Creator Father Himself has appeared to us in the world, together with His only-begotten Son in the flesh of Jesus Christ, and the world has crucified them!

All of us including our Creator and His Only-begotten Son are Spiritual Beings incarnated in different kinds of bodies.

Our Being is our Soul or Spiritual Consciousness, which is constantly healing all the time in the bodies that our Creator Father has refined for us. The result of this whole operation is that we live according to the body, which restricts the freedom of our Soul to behave decently and acquire more and more qualities of intelligence. Unfortunately, this does not always succeed because the Soul overcomes the body and reveals its animal instincts by becoming a beast and tyrannizes others. What is worse, it can even kill without any mercy! An example of this is the anti-Christ Russian Putin, who has not even a hint of mercy in him!

Why is this happening? The Vatican and other similar sects have created false religions operating under the direction of the son of perdition whom they call the devil or Satan! The Vatican lies have soured the Truth completely and they have failed to see their Creator and His Beloved Only-Begotten Son in the Body of Christ!

Let me repeat again! The Gospel of John clearly states that there were Two Spiritual Persons in the Body of the Son of Man, the Creator Father and His Only Begotten Son.

Gospel of John chapter 5 verse 19.
In answer to this Jesus said to them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son could do nothing of Himself, if He had not seen the Father doing. For the same thing that He does, so also does the Son.

Gospel of John chapter 6 verse 46.
This does not mean that anyone has seen the Father; only He who is from God has seen the Father.

Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 19 
Then they said unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye know neither me nor my Father. If ye knew me, ye would know my Father also.

The other two biblical verses inform us profoundly that when we believe in the Words of Christ all Truth will open to us!

Gospel of Mark chapter 15 verse 34.
At the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice: Eloi, Eloi, lema abachthani, that is, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Gospel of Matthew chapter 27 verse 46.
At the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice: Eloi, Eloi, lema abachthani, that is, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

In these verses from the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, we have accurate information that there were Two Spiritual Persons in the Body of the Son of Man, Christ. The Creator Father and His Only Begotten Son.
Before the agony of the Body of the Son of Man, the first to leave the Body was the Creator Father and then His Beloved Son.
How is it possible that for more than two thousand years no one has noticed that the Creator himself was crucified with the Son?
I have received an immense grace from our Creator and His only-begotten Son to reveal to the world that He crucified His Creator Father and His Beloved Son. With this, the world should propitiate the Creator and His Beloved Son to forgive us for this shameful act of crucifixion. We should thank them that by their death and resurrection they saved the Earth and our civilisation from annihilation!
The Bible is clear that the Truth will be revealed, but there must be a logical association of Truth. The most important connotation is that the Creator begat of Himself only an Only Son who absolutely resembles the Father from the time He existed. No one else has been born like that!
The world's greatest problem still remains: how can the truth be substantiated that more than two thousand years ago our Creator resided in a human body in the Son of Man. He dwelt as a Spiritual Being together with His Beloved Son Jesus, who is inseparable from His Father.

The Creator not only revealed Himself to the world. But He meant by the example of the Son and Himself to show mankind what the transition from death to Eternal Life looks like.

Gospel of John 8 verses 35, 36 .
And the slave does not abide in the house forever, but the Son abides forever.
So if the Son sets you free then you will be free indeed